Thursday, December 31, 2009

Our Year in Photos-Part 1

Note to self: Never try to do a post about our year in photos ever again. There are way too many fun times to remember and not enough blog space to put all the good ones in.

January: Our nation swore in a brand new president and our family celebrated with a Weaver style inaugural ball.

February: What a sweet month! Literally. Our home school adventures taught us the joys of 'center of gravity' with cute curly snakes.

March: March was life changing. I found out the truth about food additives and started changing the food we eat. I experimented with 100% all natural birthday cakes for ever growing boys. We visited a local cheese factory with our fabulous home school group. Lucky for us, Beehive Cheese co. is all natural, they don't even dye their cheddar yellow like most companies. Ya, cheddar does not naturally turn yellowish orange, who knew?

April: Springtime. The sun starts shinning after an arctic winter. We spent lots of time at the Ogden Nature center. Doodle even entered a cute birdhouse in their annual bird house competition and won 1st prize for most creative. More birthdays and some of the tastiest all natural treats we've ever eaten! Those bird nests are becoming a tradition for sure!

May: Much more fun in the sun! I finished my first half marathon. Hiking trips, horse rides and a trip down south to St George for even more sunny days.

June: You guessed it, more tasty foods created 100% form scratch by yours truly. Can you tell I live for food? That chocolate bread has pureed spinach in it. Guess what, no one knew and they gobbled it up in lightening speed. We also enjoyed an air show at Hill Air Force Base and Doodle's last dance recital ever.

Stay tuned for part 2 for the conclusion of a fun filled year with the Weavers!
P.S. for all these tasty recipes and more click on the recipes link on my left side bar. Happy Eating!

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