Saturday, December 5, 2009

Getting Busy

I am So incredibly excited about Christmas. I can hardly contain myself!
Our family has a tradition wherein everyone makes a homemade gift for the other members of the family.
This year, since 3/4 of my children are losing teeth I will be making them these cute, so very easy, tooth bears from Martha Stewart. They are so cute with the little pocket to put the tooth in. Plus I have everything I need here at home already. Nothing like free cute bears!
The kids and I make things for daddy, things I want so badly to blog about, but I can't because you know who might see them.
Each child also makes gifts for each of their siblings.
Today Mr Bird took Beano away for a while and while they were gone, we got busy.
Each child in turn will get a 'date' with dad between now and Christmas and while they're gone the others will help mom make gifts for that sibling.
I love this tradition more than any we have.
The children absolutely love making things for each other. Today we made a comet toss game for Beano.
The whole time Doodle and I were working on it she could not stop talking about how much he would love it. "He's going to LOVE this!",
"I can't wait to give this to Beano, I wish Christmas were today!" I love that she's more excited about Christmas coming because of what she is giving, not because of what she may be getting.
I also love the one on one time I get with the kids as we create together.
I love that they each also get one on one time with daddy while we are home making things for them.
You want to know the best part though?
Christmas morning.
When it's time to open gifts, guess which ones they go for first?
Last year Dubs, 3 years old at the time, made Doodle a noodle necklace.
When we all went down stairs he went straight for the gift he had made his sister and was so excited to give it to her.
The look of sheer joy in his eyes as he watched with breathless anticipation as she carefully pulled back the wrapping paper was worth more than anything else we had purchased that year.
I love that they feel such joy in giving.
Doodle is getting so grown up. I love doing this with her. I love all of them, but it's more work helping the little boys. She is so fun and smart and loves the process. She is learning to sew. She made a bean bag toss game for Dubs and sewed all the bags on the sewing machine.
She made this cute no sew pillow (hers ended up rectangle shaped) for baby too. All of her gifts are finished.
She loved it.
Then, while Baby was napping Beano helped make finger puppets for him.
I can't wait to help the boys make Doodle's gifts.
But most of all I can't wait until Christmas when the children can learn to love giving even more!
What is your favorite Holiday tradition?


Emma said...

What a great tradition. I have to say my favorite tradition is all the baking I do. I get to make lots of treats and then give them all away!

Karen said...

You are exactly the mom I still hope I get to be someday.

What a wonderful tradition. I was tearing up as I read this because it's just such a great way to help capture the meaning of the holiday. Love it!