Saturday, May 31, 2008

Busy Days

I LOVE busy days. You know, the ones when you kook at the clock and you go, "Wow, it's almost noon already!"

The ones when every one is having fun together and every one is happy and you don't want to stop what you're doing to make lunch. That is us today. We have all been working in the yard all morning and just enjoying being together. Even Baby Cakes.
There is a lot of playing going on too.

So, I'm still trying to get this blog thing figured out. I need to figure out how to post pictures in the top of my page. I know how to post them in a post but not up at the top. Still trying to work out the bugs, but it is fun.

Dubs is doing so much better with pooping in the potty. He wanted a tiny bottle of water that a friends of my Darling husband brought over. I told him he could only have it after he pooped
(I knew it was coming any moment, funny how you just know those things about your kids).
And it worked! YIPPEE!
I also gave him a Hot Wheel and he got so excited. He did it 2 more times that day and has been doing it every since. Cross your fingers that it continues to work. We also rejoiced in the fact that his poop got to go live with all it's other poopy friends way down in the toilet. He likes his poop to be happy and not all sad squished in his unders.
I like it much better too.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Potty Train CHOO CHOO!!!

I officially declare potty training the worst and hardest and most frustrating part of motherhood!!


We are in the middle of potty training Dubs and it is not going well.

He turned three in March. We decided before Baby Cakes was born in December to give him time after everything settled down to start potty training. He showed interest in the potty, was waking up dry, would tell me when he was pottying in his diaper. So we thought now is the time. We made a huge deal about it. We called it his Potty Party. We put his diapers that were left (like 4 of them) in a mailing envelope for the mail man to take to kids who are not big enough to use the potty yet. This was great because sometimes we get free diaper samples in the mail. Then we went to Wally World and he picked out his very own brand new unders,

Lightening McQueen ones.

He picked out snacks and juice and root beer for after he had success. The first few days were awesome. He loved it. He did not poop though. He usually is a 2 to 3 times a day-er.

So I was getting a little concerned.

Then finally poop success.

He was even going on his own without us asking if he needed to go.

Then one day we were out and about and he pooped in his unders. We dealt with it and moved on. He still would poop but now only every other day.

Then suddenly he stopped pooping in the potty.

It has been over a week since he has pooped in the potty.

What do I do???

And don't even tell me stickers.

They have never worked long term with any of my kids. We always put the poop in the potty and talk about where poop belongs after his accidents. He tells me he will poop in the potty

next time.


Beano (age4 now) had a similar problem so we bought a pack of 20 Hot wheels and put them on the fridge so he could see them. Every time he pooped in the potty he got a car. By the end of the pack of cars he was a pro and never looked back.

I have not found anything that works like that for Dubs. We have tried Hot wheels again and chips and candy.

Candy didn't even work.

So what now?!?!?!

My dream for today is having all four of my childern potty trained. A little far fetched, I know, considering Baby Cakes is only 5 1/2 months old. Maybe someday...

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Today is Memorial day 2008, and it's RAINING!

The whole Weaver clan usually meets at the graves in Ogden at 11am. Then we all head over to North Park in Roy for a family BBQ. There are more uncles, aunts, moms, dads, neices, nephews, cousins, second cousins than grapes on a vine.

We have done this every year since Jay and I were married.

We would meet at Nanny's grave (jay's grandma) and have a mini family reunion with all of Jay's cousins whom we only see once or twice a year.

We would talk and laugh and share stories and drink the free sodas from the little soda cart that the cemetery provides. All the little cousins would run at our feet and dance and play in the sunshine.

Then we would take a huge family picture.

This year was different.

Since jay's mom passed away last December all of her kids planned to meet at her grave at 10am instead, to give us all time to talk and remember before all the uncles and cousins showed up.
I wondered who would show up in the pouring rain.
Jay insisted we bundle up our 4 kidlettes and tough it out.

I had my doubts about anyone showing up at all .
When we got there the rain poured.
It was not a bright sunny day as in years past. It was cold and wet and miserable.
There were not lines of cars in the road waiting to pull into the cemetery. There was no one waiting in line for a free drink.

There were tons of flowers on all the graves.
Our kids thought it was so cool to see all the beautiful flowers.

As we pulled up to our Mom and
Grandma's grave
there was Grandpa standing all alone in the pouring rain.

Heart breaking to say the least.
We tried our best to put on a brave face and join him.
As soon as we walked over it became an
out and out down pour.
We ran for the safety of our suburban.
Slowly, one by one more of our family members showed up.
We piled out of the suburban into the rain again.
Most of her kids came anyway, even in the rain. We had the biggest group of umbrellas in the whole cemetery.

Only one of the uncles and 2 of the cousins showed up. And honestly, if Mom had not passed away I don't know if I would have shown up either.

Instead of our BBQ at the park in the rain we opted for a local Chinese restaurant.The food was good and the entertainment was excellent. This was a Chinese restaurant we go to quite frequently as a whole big family. Jay's parents had 6 kids plus all the spouses and 20 something grandkids.
We make quite the group.
They put us down stairs in the restaurant in a room all our own so as not to bother all the other patrons, I'm sure.
The owner knows our faces and is a cute little Chinese man named Jonathan.
He came to talk to us and ended up playing the leaf for us.
Yes, an actual leaf.
He played Oh Suzanna.
He also played a Chinese instrument that has stings across it and two little hand held knockers. His hands got going so fast across those strings.
All the kids were silent.

So I guess today was a little like life.
Totally unpredictable.
Sometimes it rains when you expect sunshine. But in the end it's good to know we can count on our family.

We love you all.