Sunday, June 26, 2011


In January Mr Bird started a work out called Crossfit.
Some friends of ours opened a new Crossfit gym near our house and it did not take too much arm twisting to get Mr Bird there.
He was immediately hooked.
He would come home from the work outs and be sore for days, not able to bend or walk straight.
Since then Mr Bird has dropped a few pounds and pants sizes.
He claims he's in the best shape of his life.
If he has to miss a workout during the week he is beyond bummed.
I was still Prego with Little M&M when he started this new hobby.
Every day he would tell me of the brutal work outs and then proceed to tell me that I needed to try it once I had the baby.
My first thought was, you want me to do what?
After having my 5th child?
You must be out of your mind.
So I have slowly been trying to wrap my head around this crossfit idea.
A couple months ago we went to the open house of the gym.
While we were there a little boy was trying to lift a bar that the weights go on (I don't know the name of it).
I was standing right next to him in open toe sandals when it came crashing to the floor, landing square on my pinkie toe.
It bled and throbbed and swelled.
It did not take too long to realize that the toe was broken.
Fast forward a few weeks and Mr Bird convinced me to do a WOD (work out of the day) at home with him.
I decided to oblige.
Big mistake.
Half way through the work out my back seized up and I could not move (something about bad form, yadda, yadda).
It took weeks to get any sort of mobility back.
Picking up Little M&M from her crib at night to feed her was sheer torture.
So far I did not have a very pleasant experience with this thing called Crossfit.
Yesterday I decided to wake up my poor postpartum self and try again.
I am ready to have my abs back.
For the most part, it went well and I enjoyed the work out.
(They take it easy on newcomers and give us a work out just for weaklings like myself and call it the newbie WOD)
However, I made a shocking discovery during the warm up.
I was trying to do a movement called hollow rocks.
It requires lying on the ground on your back and holding your legs up in the air at about a 45 degree angle.
Then you lift your head off the ground with your arms raised over your head and rock back and forth from your bum to your back.
As I tried to get into position I was alarmed at my body.
Try as I may I could not lift my legs off the ground (while keeping them extended).
They felt as if they were glued to the carpet.
I could lift one at a time, but not both.
It was such a weird sensation to have my brain telling my legs to move a certain way and get absolutely no response.
My lower abs are not just broken, they seem to be totally MIA.
Gone somewhere along with my sanity.
I am still alarmed that I could not even get through the warm up without totally tanking.
Now I have a new resolve.
I WILL be able to lift my legs, both at the same time, off the ground if it kills me.
This is my new quest.
Small as it may seem I have a goal:
To mend my broken abs.

Enjoy this video about Crossfit:

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Little M&M

Way back when Little M&M was 2 weeks old (seems like an eternity ago) our good friend Matt of Barr photography came and did a fun photo shoot with our newest little Weaver.

We had to capture her babyness before it's all gone.

How much longer will I be able to cradle her in the palm of my hands?
Not long enough, I'm afraid.

I think naked babies are so scrumptious.

Just look at those perfect little lips, couldn't you just eat them up?

And the cheeks! Heaven help me!

She's our little Angel, what more can I say?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Happy Self

My poor, poor neglected blog, has it really been so long since I posted?
Time has been flying by in a whirlwind, as it does once the baby is out every time.
It feels like you're pregnant for an eternity, then all of a sudden they are going to college and you just can't figure out where the time went.
My little M&M is no different.
She is already growing and changing so much.
It's good though, she is so fun when she smiles and talks and blows raspberries at us.
Doodle thinks it's hilarious that she will flare her little nostrils when you flare yours at her.
We all end up laughing til our sides hurt at all the cuteness.
There have been a million things I have wanted to blog about the past few weeks, but I just can't seem to sit down for 10 minutes without a baby in my arms smiling at me and making it really difficult to type.

Like Little M&M's blessing day and how Dubs thought she looked just like a little princess.
Or the fact that the 11th anniversary of our little family came and went.
And how Mr Bird is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I thank heavens every day that I married that man.
Not to mention the fact that he makes me so much better than I could ever be on my own.
Before we were married I told him on several occasions that he should not marry me because it was painfully obvious that I had no clue how to be a good wife or mother.
He insisted that I would do a good job. I don't really know that I'm doing that great of a job, but I sure do love my role as Mr Bird's wife and being the mom to the most fantastic kids on the planet.
I have wanted to blog about Spring and the return of the fairy dust days.
My kids are all outside at this moment playing in the magic as it floats in the sky, filling the air with sheer wonder.
Not to mention Mother's day and Father's day.
I have wanted to blog about our weekly hikes in our gorgeous Utah mountains.
I never knew I could love an inanimate object like I love those mountains.
I love to hear my kids laugh and play with their cousins as we tread onward and upward.
Their laughter seems magical as they run and jump through the thick trees and climb huge rocks.
I have wanted to blog about the newest addition to our little family.
We brought home our very first K-9.
He's a cute 9 month old Beagle.
I have never had a dog of my own and am excited and nervous at the same time.
It seems like one more creature to worry over and take care of.
Why is it I like taking care of small things so much?
Babies, apples, fruit trees, chickens, turkeys and now dogs apparently.
So far he's been a really good dog.
It does my heart good to see my little boys running around and rolling in the grass with their cute and snugly pup.
Now we just need to agree on a name...
And last but not least, I have wanted to blog about the fact that I don't think I could be any more happy if I tried.
I am truly blessed to have the life and family and home that I do.
I believe that I live on just the exact perfect spot on the whole green earth.
I really do feel as if my life is practically perfect in every way.
*insert cheesy grin*
A fantastic husband, 5 adorable children and now a little tail wagging dog, what more can anyone ask for?
Well, maybe just one more baby, but we'll let Mr Bird have a year or two before we bring that up again.