Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just a Wish

A goal without a plan is just a wish, as a wise man (I have no idea which one, but I'm sure he was very wise indeed) once said.
That is what I thought of yesterday when I wrote about nesting and not knowing where to start.
I wish my drawers and shelves were clean, but I have no plans as to how to get them that way.
It kept eating at me all day.
I kept thinking that none of this will get done if I don't do something, anything.
So now I have a plan!
It's a really simple plan.
It's not my own, it's what everyone does when they have a huge feat to accomplish.
My plan?
Slow and steady wins the race.
I hereby commit myself to going through at least one cupboard or drawer or closet each and every day.
See? Simple.
Even I can do that.
Last week I cleaned out the bathroom closet. I was amazed at how much stuff I pulled out of there.
Now I feel so good every time I open it.
Everything I need is right where I can find it.
All the stuff I don't need and never used is gone.
I don't have to hunt for 10 minutes to find a light bulb.
I want my whole house to be like that.
Watch out D.I., here I come!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lazy in My Old Age

Well, there you go. The title says it all.
I am getting lazy in my old age.
I used to change my decorations to match each and every season.
From Valentine's Day and St. Patty's Day to Easter and 4th of July.
And we can't forget the biggies, Fall (Halloween and Thanksgiving lumped into one) and Christmas.
I used to take my kids to fun and adventurous and educational field trips and activities several times a week.
Between book clubs and Joy School and fun activities and errands, we seldom had a full day where we just stayed home.
I used to make fancy birthday cakes for each and every birthday.
I even used to make homemade Halloween costumes.
I used to craft (not that I was ever any good at it).
I did all of this stuff while preparing fun home school lessons and making sure my kids were reading and writing and doing math everyday.
I never had a mountain of laundry waiting to be folded.
I used to be super mom, literally.
Now, I feel so lazy.
By the time I get to laundry it's so out of hand that I just feel overwhelmed.
I still love to prepare healthy yummy food, I think it'll always be my passion.
We still do school everyday, but I feel like I've let a lot go.
I don't know if it's because my priorities have changed and a lot of that stuff does not seem important anymore or if I'm just really, really lazy.
Now we spend more days at home not going anywhere at all than not.
I love our morning routine and snuggling with my kids for scriptures.
I love reading to them and watching the little ones develop into readers, too.
I love hearing my children play together.
I love coming upstairs to find the living room transformed into a gigantic fort using every blanket from their collective beds.
I love that my kids want to cook with me and just be with me.
I don't want to spend time away from home anymore because I just love being here with my kids.

I do think my motives and priorities have changed drastically over the last few years.
For example, it's really hard to make a designer birthday cake without a gallon of artificial food coloring.
It has become more important to me to create healthy, natural food (yes, even cake) than to have the fancy design.
So now I go with simple and tasty.
And you know what? My kids don't even bat an eye.
They're just happy to be eating cake!
And you want to know what else, they have not said a word about my Spring decorations that are still up either.
Considering it's nearly Halloween, the Fall decor will have to wait until next year, if at all.
I think I'll be doing good to get a Chirstmas tree up this year.
I am ready to just have some simple and cute decorations and just leave them there all year long.
Think of the storage space I can reclaim by getting rid of all those boxes and bins of plastic Easter eggs and four leaf clovers.
Now there's a novel idea!
The only problem?
It has become like the laundry pile, there's so much STUFF that I don't know where to begin to filter through it all.
I am having the nesting urge so badly.
I just want to clean every drawer and cupboard and shelf and get rid of all the junk we seem to collect.
The only problem is I have no idea where to begin, then my laziness takes over so I do nothing.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Leave are Falling All Around

Last week we took our annual trip to the mountains to see the fall leaves in all their glory.
As usual, it was beautiful.
The leaves are so spectacular this time of year, especially the maples.

I have a love/hate relationship with Fall.
I love the chilly evenings and gorgeous foliage.
I love that I can make soup for dinner and not sweat to death while we eat.

I love having a reason to make as many pumpkin recipes as I can think of.
Everything from pumpkins chocolate chip cookies to my newest favorite, pumpkin chili.
I love walking on our favorite pathway and stopping so we can literally watch the leaves fall before our very eyes, and the soft sound they make as they whoosh to the ground.
Really, what's not to love?

The only part of Fall I dread is the end of it.
Because that means it will be winter and that means endless cold and wet and snow.
I am already dreading that.
The California girl in me wishes we could skip the Utah winters all together.

Especially this year, because when Spring comes, so does this baby!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm Sorry, So Sorry

Dear Mom in Wal-Mart I saw the Other Day With the Screaming Child,

I realized as I made my way out of the store the other day that you probably thought I was staring at you and judging you harshly because of your toddler who was throwing a doozey of a tantrum. You were probably embarrassed enough without noticing that I was staring at you. I'm sorry I stared, really I am. I was not judging you. I was having the thought that I was glad it was not my child this time. Because trust me, I have had my share of grocery store melt downs. If I were to write down all of my "fun" grocery store moments with the children over the years I could fill a novel. In fact it is rare that I get away to the store without any children. You probably thought I had none, since that was one of the rare occasions I got to enjoy a few moments of peace shopping solo. Truth is, I have twice as many children (with another on the way, I might add) as you had with you. Our moments have ranged from mildly funny to embarrassing to the point that I vow never to take my children in public ever again. In fact the very next day it was my toddler melting down in the very same Wal-Mart (don't ask why I was there 2 consecutive days). It was then that I felt really badly for allowing myself to be caught staring at you. So from the bottom of my heart, I'm sorry!
Love, Me

Monday, October 4, 2010

With a Bump on the Head

Happy Birthday Beano!
Glow in the dark candles and everything.

We have this weird tradition that I had never heard of until I married into Jay's family, of bumping the birthday boy (or girl) on the head with the gift.
We have a chant that goes with it.
"Heavy, heavy hang over thy poor head, what do you wish with a bump on the head!"
See, it's weird.
It's usually fine unless the gift is a brand new BMX bike.
Then it gets a little awkward.
But really, I can't believe how fast my kids are growing up.

Dear Beano,

You are becoming such a good little man. I love how you want to be just like daddy. If you ask me, he's not a bad person to be like. You follow him around fixing things and taking care of your little brothers. You are becoming so responsible and obedient. Of course you still have that mischievous side. You are all boy. You're never happier than when your blazing down a super steep hill at top speed on that fancy new bike with a huge grin on your face, giving your mother a heart attack. You've got the battle wounds to show. At this moment every elbow and knee is skinned along with one on your ankles. But that does not stop you for a second. You have such joy in everything you do. Whether it's singing while you do dishes or running around the yard with a stick that's twice as long as you are. You always have a grin on your face, ready to have fun. Thank you for being such a great kid. I love being your mom and watching you grow. I talk big about keeping you small forever, but part of me loves watching you grow and can't wait to see the man you'll become. I love you and Happy Birthday!
Love, Mom