Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lazy in My Old Age

Well, there you go. The title says it all.
I am getting lazy in my old age.
I used to change my decorations to match each and every season.
From Valentine's Day and St. Patty's Day to Easter and 4th of July.
And we can't forget the biggies, Fall (Halloween and Thanksgiving lumped into one) and Christmas.
I used to take my kids to fun and adventurous and educational field trips and activities several times a week.
Between book clubs and Joy School and fun activities and errands, we seldom had a full day where we just stayed home.
I used to make fancy birthday cakes for each and every birthday.
I even used to make homemade Halloween costumes.
I used to craft (not that I was ever any good at it).
I did all of this stuff while preparing fun home school lessons and making sure my kids were reading and writing and doing math everyday.
I never had a mountain of laundry waiting to be folded.
I used to be super mom, literally.
Now, I feel so lazy.
By the time I get to laundry it's so out of hand that I just feel overwhelmed.
I still love to prepare healthy yummy food, I think it'll always be my passion.
We still do school everyday, but I feel like I've let a lot go.
I don't know if it's because my priorities have changed and a lot of that stuff does not seem important anymore or if I'm just really, really lazy.
Now we spend more days at home not going anywhere at all than not.
I love our morning routine and snuggling with my kids for scriptures.
I love reading to them and watching the little ones develop into readers, too.
I love hearing my children play together.
I love coming upstairs to find the living room transformed into a gigantic fort using every blanket from their collective beds.
I love that my kids want to cook with me and just be with me.
I don't want to spend time away from home anymore because I just love being here with my kids.

I do think my motives and priorities have changed drastically over the last few years.
For example, it's really hard to make a designer birthday cake without a gallon of artificial food coloring.
It has become more important to me to create healthy, natural food (yes, even cake) than to have the fancy design.
So now I go with simple and tasty.
And you know what? My kids don't even bat an eye.
They're just happy to be eating cake!
And you want to know what else, they have not said a word about my Spring decorations that are still up either.
Considering it's nearly Halloween, the Fall decor will have to wait until next year, if at all.
I think I'll be doing good to get a Chirstmas tree up this year.
I am ready to just have some simple and cute decorations and just leave them there all year long.
Think of the storage space I can reclaim by getting rid of all those boxes and bins of plastic Easter eggs and four leaf clovers.
Now there's a novel idea!
The only problem?
It has become like the laundry pile, there's so much STUFF that I don't know where to begin to filter through it all.
I am having the nesting urge so badly.
I just want to clean every drawer and cupboard and shelf and get rid of all the junk we seem to collect.
The only problem is I have no idea where to begin, then my laziness takes over so I do nothing.

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Just Lara said...

I don't think you're getting lazy. Just smart! There are so many lessons that children need to learn that they can only learn at home. When they are older there will be plenty of time for them to learn about the world.

About the stuff. Maybe you haven't quite decided whether or not you want to give it up. Once you decide it will be easy to toss it. That's how it worked for me. It wasn't only easy but it was fun!!