Monday, October 4, 2010

With a Bump on the Head

Happy Birthday Beano!
Glow in the dark candles and everything.

We have this weird tradition that I had never heard of until I married into Jay's family, of bumping the birthday boy (or girl) on the head with the gift.
We have a chant that goes with it.
"Heavy, heavy hang over thy poor head, what do you wish with a bump on the head!"
See, it's weird.
It's usually fine unless the gift is a brand new BMX bike.
Then it gets a little awkward.
But really, I can't believe how fast my kids are growing up.

Dear Beano,

You are becoming such a good little man. I love how you want to be just like daddy. If you ask me, he's not a bad person to be like. You follow him around fixing things and taking care of your little brothers. You are becoming so responsible and obedient. Of course you still have that mischievous side. You are all boy. You're never happier than when your blazing down a super steep hill at top speed on that fancy new bike with a huge grin on your face, giving your mother a heart attack. You've got the battle wounds to show. At this moment every elbow and knee is skinned along with one on your ankles. But that does not stop you for a second. You have such joy in everything you do. Whether it's singing while you do dishes or running around the yard with a stick that's twice as long as you are. You always have a grin on your face, ready to have fun. Thank you for being such a great kid. I love being your mom and watching you grow. I talk big about keeping you small forever, but part of me loves watching you grow and can't wait to see the man you'll become. I love you and Happy Birthday!
Love, Mom

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Emma said...

Happy Birthday Beano! I have heard of that tradition, although we don't do it. Aren't they supposed to guess what the present is, or something like that?