Saturday, March 23, 2013

San Diego, Again

For those of you who are regulars here on my blog, you know that Mr Bird has an annual conference in San Diego in the Spring.
You would also rememebr that for the past 5 years or so every time he goes on this Spring 4 day business trip something horrible happens while he's away.
It has become a joke around here.
Oh no, the San Diego trip is upon us, what can possibly go wrong this year?!?!
Last year Doodle got deathy ill, I have never seen any of my kids that sick before or since.
The year before that I was pregnant with M&M and my water broke 2 1/2 weeks early (I had gone over my due date with ALL of my other children). 
One year we had the fire department at the house.
One year I ran over a tricycle and punctured a hole in the nearly full 40 gallon gas tank in the suburban.
Seriously, you'd think we're jinxed.
It's like the heavens are testing me to see how much I can handle while he's away.
Apparently I have finally passed the test.
Because guess what?!?!
Mr Bird was in San Diego this past week and nothing happened!
Well, things happened, but nothing strange or stressful or scary.
Everything was normal, smooth sailing.
A little boring, even.
 I did not dare say anything about it out loud until he was safe at home and in my bed late last night.
We both laughed a giddy kind of victory laugh that we had beaten the San Diego curse!
How did I do it, you ask.
We barely left the house the entire 4 days. 
We are so out of groceries right now since its been 2 weeks since I last shopped, but I did not want to leave the house and give the cosmos a chance to explode all over us again.
We hulled up like the end of the world would happen if we left the house.
We did venture out one day to go to scouts and activity days and to buy our traditional Spring baby chicks.
Even then my mind raced at the possible bad outcomes.
But we survived, all of us, even the 6 new fluffy baby chickies!
It's a miracle, Praise be to God!