Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mommy Me

To say motherhood is totally different that I expected would be an understatement.
I had no idea I could love another mortal like I do these little beings.
It's like having 5 little pieces of my heart on parade.
I watch them fall and it breaks my heart just a little, every single time.
I watch them mess up and I feel like a failure.
They laugh and my spirit soars.
Their pain is my pain.
Their joy is my joy.
All I want to do is protect them and keep them safe and happy and fed.
Like a mother hen.
Like a mother bear other times.
I am constantly amazed at how intertwined our lives are.
I can only pray is stays like this forever.
I want to be present in their lives for the rest of mine.
I never knew the depth of a mother's love until I became one.
I never knew the sheer frustration of a mother until I became one.
I never knew the sleepless nights, the total commitment, the sheer stress of a mother until I became one.
I never knew that laughter could come from your toes or that the tears could be so bitter.
I never knew a gooey sticky child could possibly leave that much destruction in their wake.
I never knew that magic was alive and well in this world.
I never knew little boys could eat so. much. food.
And they're not even teenagers yet!
I never knew music could sound so sweet.
I never knew butterflies and snakes and doddle bugs were so fascinating, until I became a mother.
I never knew the sheer joys of a sunny day bike ride or the total pleasure of dipping hot sweaty toes into frigid river water could be sheer bliss, until I saw those things through the eyes of my children.
I never knew that my Mr Bird and my children would complete me.
That they would complete me in ways I never even knew were incomplete.
They are my life, my everything.
They are the good and the bad, the bitter and the sweet.
They are better and worse than I ever imagined possible.
To my sweet babies on this mother's day I say, 
Thank you for making me a mommy.
I love you from here to eternity!