Saturday, May 31, 2008

Busy Days

I LOVE busy days. You know, the ones when you kook at the clock and you go, "Wow, it's almost noon already!"

The ones when every one is having fun together and every one is happy and you don't want to stop what you're doing to make lunch. That is us today. We have all been working in the yard all morning and just enjoying being together. Even Baby Cakes.
There is a lot of playing going on too.

So, I'm still trying to get this blog thing figured out. I need to figure out how to post pictures in the top of my page. I know how to post them in a post but not up at the top. Still trying to work out the bugs, but it is fun.

Dubs is doing so much better with pooping in the potty. He wanted a tiny bottle of water that a friends of my Darling husband brought over. I told him he could only have it after he pooped
(I knew it was coming any moment, funny how you just know those things about your kids).
And it worked! YIPPEE!
I also gave him a Hot Wheel and he got so excited. He did it 2 more times that day and has been doing it every since. Cross your fingers that it continues to work. We also rejoiced in the fact that his poop got to go live with all it's other poopy friends way down in the toilet. He likes his poop to be happy and not all sad squished in his unders.
I like it much better too.


The Lazy Organizer said...

Yay, you have a blog! Did Jay help you or did you just do it? It's not hard is it.

I hate potty training too. Except with Lovely because everything is easy with her. Now I'm scared to potty train this new baby. I thought I was done with all that!

See you tonight!

lwvr2 said...

I hate it when they are sad and squished in his unders too!! lol.. sorry about just throwing his 'unders and all' away..but you know!!??!! Anyway, that's actually part of how I trained Caden..he had to 'help' me rinse out his unders in the toilet 2 or 3 times and that's all it took..You know Caden, if it's at all dirty he's not going near it, well, at least when he was little. (I swear it was harder on me than him!!) Anyway, good luck..

Danette said...

Mine were late potty trainers, but I did not care. they were about 3ish or so. But I knew their bodies understood what was happening. My daughter trained her self with #2. I was bamboozled, but relieved to know that she got her own body cues and not learning by me forcing her.

I do not miss those days. Best of luck to you.