Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Potty Train CHOO CHOO!!!

I officially declare potty training the worst and hardest and most frustrating part of motherhood!!


We are in the middle of potty training Dubs and it is not going well.

He turned three in March. We decided before Baby Cakes was born in December to give him time after everything settled down to start potty training. He showed interest in the potty, was waking up dry, would tell me when he was pottying in his diaper. So we thought now is the time. We made a huge deal about it. We called it his Potty Party. We put his diapers that were left (like 4 of them) in a mailing envelope for the mail man to take to kids who are not big enough to use the potty yet. This was great because sometimes we get free diaper samples in the mail. Then we went to Wally World and he picked out his very own brand new unders,

Lightening McQueen ones.

He picked out snacks and juice and root beer for after he had success. The first few days were awesome. He loved it. He did not poop though. He usually is a 2 to 3 times a day-er.

So I was getting a little concerned.

Then finally poop success.

He was even going on his own without us asking if he needed to go.

Then one day we were out and about and he pooped in his unders. We dealt with it and moved on. He still would poop but now only every other day.

Then suddenly he stopped pooping in the potty.

It has been over a week since he has pooped in the potty.

What do I do???

And don't even tell me stickers.

They have never worked long term with any of my kids. We always put the poop in the potty and talk about where poop belongs after his accidents. He tells me he will poop in the potty

next time.


Beano (age4 now) had a similar problem so we bought a pack of 20 Hot wheels and put them on the fridge so he could see them. Every time he pooped in the potty he got a car. By the end of the pack of cars he was a pro and never looked back.

I have not found anything that works like that for Dubs. We have tried Hot wheels again and chips and candy.

Candy didn't even work.

So what now?!?!?!

My dream for today is having all four of my childern potty trained. A little far fetched, I know, considering Baby Cakes is only 5 1/2 months old. Maybe someday...

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