Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Mr Bird and I are trying to make a pretty life changing decision right now.
For some reason we have had a really hard time trying to decide what's best for our family.
We have both made hard, life changing choices before.
We both made the choice to go on a mission.
We chose to marry each other.
We chose to have a baby, then 3 others.
We have chosen to move several times in our nearly 10 years of marriage.
So why has this choice been so much harder than all the others?
We have looked at the options from both sides.
We have talked and discussed and prayed for weeks.
We have run the numbers both ways.
Just when we make a decision one way we start to second guess.
Then we decide on the other option and suddenly that does not seem right either.
Are we just totally out of tune?
What is best here?
Has this ever happened to you?
For the most part, I feel as if I am very in tune and feel good about these things.
I can usually get a solid answer and go with it.
I wish someone would come out of heaven and tell me what to do.
I'd do it in a heart beat!
So for now we are in limbo.
If we decide to make this change I'll be sure to tell you all about it.
Until then...


Mrs Soliz said...

That has happened to Dan and I before. It was frustrating, but a good lesson in patience. Our answer wasn't 'no' or 'yes', it was more like 'wait a bit'. We did, and now things are falling in to place the way only our Heavenly Father can make them. Best of luck Sara!
If I don't get the chance before New Years... Happy, Happy New Year!!

Emma said...

Now you've left us in limbo! Good luck with your decision.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the answer isn't yes or no...or even neither. Sometimes the Lord just wants us to use our agency, make a choice, tell him 'this is what I've decided', and then ask for his help and support with that decision. When this is the case, this is hardest situation for me. Sometimes it is easiest just to be given the answer and have it confirmed...but the Lord doesn't always work that way. He sometimes makes us do what is hard and trust ourselves (and Him)!

The Lazy Organizer said...

Here are my thoughts. If you asked and you are having a stupor of thought then you know what that means. NO! I think you're feeling confused because you know your idea is a good one but you have to trust the answer you're getting even if it doesn't make sense.

Peace girl!

carol said...

I can really understand how you're feeling!! I unfortunately don't know yet why my hard-won answer was turned upside down in the end- and that has been such a huge challenge for me during the last couple months. The only comfort is that I know God has far more vision than I do and of course He knows best. Good luck with your decision.