Saturday, December 26, 2009

Update: She Knows

Doodle found out the truth about Santa.
I did not have to say a word, she told me.
As the last few pieces of cereal were getting soggy in our breakfast bowls, just moments after the gift extravaganza, her steal blue eye met mine. "Now I know you're the one that really fills our stockings."
I breathed a sigh of relief that her brothers had rushed from the table to discover their new treasures more fully.
"How do you know?" The glimmer in my eye gave nothing away.
"I recognized those treat baggies and I saw a list of 'stocking stuffer ideas' on your computer a few weeks ago." She had been gathering evidence for a while and now it all came out.
She also told me about the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy while she was at it.
As it turns out, last Easter a friend at church told her the Easter Bunny was not real because he had not come to her house because her parents had been sick.
This friend split the beans about the parents filling Easter baskets and stockings.
Yet, when she gave me her findings, she did it with a question in her voice.
I think she was testing me.
Would I really tell her the truth, or continue to let the fairy tail live?
I killed the fairy tail.
Was it the wrong choice? Maybe.
I left it all on the line.
I told her the story of St Nicholas, of his parents' wealth and of his faith in Christ.
I told of his love for children and his desire to help those in need.
I told of his imprisonment because of his beliefs.
I told of his life and death.
I told her that he did not continue to live nearly 1,000 years.
I told her there was not a fat man in a red suit living amongst elves and reindeer in the North Pole.
I told her that was a fun fairy tail that makes great cartoons and greeting cards.
I told her it's magical for children to believe.
I told her that she was dead if she told her brothers.
I also told her about how the spirit of St Nicholas and of Christ still shine bright, even 1,000~2,000 years later.
I told her I could see their spirits in her eyes because of how giving and loving she is.
I told her that now that she knows the truth she gets to be a part of the magic of Christmas.
She gets to give like Christ did and like St Nicholas did.
It was a beautiful moment.
And you know what, I think she's going to make a wonderful Santa Claus!


Karen said...

They grow up so fast!

I think you handled it perfectly. Continuing to let her believe something she knows isn't true would probably make her question other things that ARE.

And I bet she's excited now to be in on the secret.

Karen said...

That is too sweet! I'm still waiting for Cassia to ask me about it all. She is 10! I know she has suspicions, but I don't want to be the one to bring it up and I'm dying for her to ask me. I'm glad it went so well! I hope I express it as well as you did.