Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Somewhere, My Love, There Will Be Skies of Blue

We have been having so many great adventures.
We were really tempted to do school work this morning. I had all the kids down stairs with our morning devotional all ready to start, then I noticed a message on my cell phone.
I made the mistake of listening to it before we started school.
It was Lisa and she wanted to go to Snow Basin for a horse ride today.
How could I resist?
If she were going anywhere else I may have been able to say no.
But Snow Basin? How could I?
Just look at those gorgeous leaves. They are so new and bright. They make me so happy just looking at them. The wild flowers are starting to bloom, too. In another couple of weeks that mountain will be covered with the most beautiful blue bells you have ever seen.

It was our first time back to our favorite horse riding spot since last fall.

It has been too long.

Snow Basin is up, up, up in the mountains and it takes longer for the snow to melt up, up, up there than it does down, down, down here.

Oh Snow Basin, how we have missed thee!

We have missed the sweet music of the mountains. The birds chirping above us, the sound of the river rushing at our feet, the sound of the baby oohing at all the majesty, the sound of the horses breath as they trot, the sound of the clip clop of the horses hooves, the sound of all the little bugs buzzing around.

We have missed the scenic vistas and wonderful hiking trails.

We have missed dipping our toes in the crisp water of the river.

We have missed eating our lunch in the shade of the twinkling leaves.

We have missed spending the afternoon with Grandpa and Lisa and Jessica and Jo.

We missed the wriggly fuzzy caterpillars and the purple butterflies.

Being back up in Snow Basin today felt a little like coming home after being gone much, much too long.

When we got home and got the car unloaded we were ready for a nice cool treat. I made the kids a super tasty chocolate slushie.

We drank them in the hideously long grass of our back yard and wished the day would never end. Oh, OK, since you asked so nicely I'll give you the recipe. You'll die when you see how easy it is.
Super Yummy Chocolate Slushie
2 c milk (I use rice milk since we have dairy allergies, but cow milk works, too)
1/3 c agave nectar or honey (or 1/2 c sugar)
2 T cocoa powder
Put the first 3 ingredients in the blender then put in ice, blend on high until it's nice and slushie. I don't measure the ice, I just keep putting more in if it's not slishie-y enough(let's just pretend for today that slushie-y is a real word, K?) .
See, told ya, it's as easy as it gets. The kids think they're getting some kind of special treat and I get CHOCOLATE!
Does life get any better than this?

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Amanda said...

So fun!! Darling pictures! Snow Basin is so gorgeous. I'll have to try your yummy slushie recipe soon.
Thanks for the comment! My little Celia will only eat the homemade muffins too. I think I've spoiled her in a good way. Since I'm new to the whole sourdough thing, do you have a good recipe recommendation for sourdough bread?