Sunday, May 24, 2009

Nauvoo Trip, the Conclusion

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I bet you all think I've fallen off the face of the earth.
Don't worry, I'm still here.
This is just a super busy time of year for me.
I'll blog about all we've been up to in the next few days, but before we get to that I bet you're all dying to hear about the rest of our trip.
Sorry for yet another slide show, but there are just too many pictures and I have a hard time cutting any out.
So after we loaded up from the Young Living Farm we drove another hour to Cove Fart, I mean Fort.
Cove Fort has a special memory for Mr Bird and I and Lisa's family. Suffice it to say we call it Cove Fart for short.
Ask me about it sometime, I just might tell that story another day.
We saw all the old pioneer artifacts and heard cool stories of President Hinkley's father and grandfather.
We played pioneer games and most importantly we all had a nice long potty break.
When we got back in the car it was time to book it to St George before the sun went down. We just made it.
We had enough time to unpack the cars into our condos and tuck the kids in for the night before the moon came out.
My Sister-in-Law, Joanne got us a great deal on the most awesome condos ever.
The bathroom in the master suite was so nice, not to mention all the walk in closets and washer and dryer and full kitchen.
The best part of all?
The Pool, Baby!
We swam every single day we were there. The weather was gorgeous and we could not keep the kids out of the water.
We also had fun climbing the Dixie rocks, shopping at the outlet malls, going on early morning walks (9am!!) and going to the temple in St George.
We ate good food and enjoyed good company.
I really love our family, they are the best. I married into the best family on the planet.
I am so glad we all get along and can do such fun things together.
That's not to say there was no drama, but we all get over it and go on loving each other.
We left for home Thursday afternoon and stopped in Cedar City to drop off my nephew, Josh and his pregnant wife Tiffany, who live there. While we were there we stopped at Discovery park and ate watermelon and flew kites and rested under the trees.
We finally made it home around 8pm, just in time for bed time.
We had such a fun week, start to finish.
Thanks for the good times, guys!

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Anonymous said...

It looks like you still had a great time and can now have a great family joke about the time you went to Nauvoo.

Lisa Davis