Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The End of an Era

I seem to be on an 'I can't believe how fast my kids are growing' kick.
Here is one more evidence of this sad fact.

Doodle started taking tap dance when she was just 4 years old.
I think we decided this will be her last year.
She is interested in way too many other things and dance seems to getting pushed to the bottom of the totum pole.
She has loved every minute of dance.
She loves her simply amazing teacher, whom I adore as well.
She loves her classmates, many of whom have been in her class every year since she began.
She loves the music and most of all ,
she likes to move it, move it!
Me? I love the ruffles. I just can't get enough. So many days around here seem rough and tumble with all the little boys.
Doodle in her own way is also very rough. She never got into Barbies (which I don't complain about) and is perfectly happy to play with rocks and sticks right along side her brothers.
But now and again it's fun to get all fancy and wear ruffles and curls.

In fact these photos were taken at a dress rehearsal about an hour after she had come home from a horse ride with her grandpa and her favorite aunt. During this ride she was

bucked off her horse at the top of the mountain and hit her head rather hard on a rock.
The men there gave her a blessing and she got right back on the horse and rode all the way down.
She came home dirty from head to toe, dirt smudges on her face and hands and knees.
She had dried blood in her otherwise blond hair, turning it a strange shade of pink.
We washed her as quickly as we could and opted for a side pony to hide her gouged head.

She cleans up nice, don't ya think?
She insisted she felt fine and wanted to dance.
And dance she did.
She got on that stage with a smile on her face and did not miss a step.
I sure do love this girl of mine.
She's quite the trooper.
She's way tougher than I ever was at her age.
In fact, I still don't think I'm that tough!
Way to go babe, you rock!


Tiffany said...

I'd say she likes to play with sticks and rocks alongside her brothers....just check out that FARMERS TAN for evidence!!!!! (Josh and I both got a kick outta that!) What a cute girl!!!

Karen said...

Such a cutie! Too bad she's giving up the dance, but it's great that she's into so many different things!

The Lazy Organizer said...

That's too funny! I didn't even notice the farmer's tan. We took Kate out of dance after two years of it because she was getting too prissy. The months later I was thinking we needed to put her back in because she was beating up too many boys.

I'm sure you are making the best choice. Cutting back is always a good move.

Amanda said...

She's beautiful!! I'm with you, I adore the ruffles and curls. It's the only time I can really get my little one all dolled up. The rest of the time she's usually outside and filthy. Oh well!
I love your fourth of July pictures! So fun!!