Monday, June 15, 2009

Just Me and My Lover

Hello my lover!
This one's for you.
I love you for all the fun family camping trips we have.
I love you for the grueling hikes I never thought I could finish.
I love you for staying by my side during natural child birth.
I love you for getting me bowls of cereal in bed during morning sickness.
I love you for your fix it attitude.
I love you for the horse rides that made me fall in love with you.
I love that you make me laugh.
I love you for rescuing me from all the nasty eight legged home invaders.
My knight in shining armour.
I love you for the steam rolls and doggie piles and piggy back rides.
I love that you will not let me stay mad at you.
I love you for your music.
I love you for Tuesday nights and Sister Saturdays.
I love our Forever Family and Forever Foots.
I love that you are so quick to forgive.
"I love the way you love me."
I love you for the family we are creating together, forever!
I love you for the Sunday drives and spontaneous picnics.
I love you for eating my cooking, even when it's bad.
I love you with 3 hand squeezes.
I love you for loud music and wild dancing in the living room, with the blinds closed of course.
I love you for your kisses.
I love you for date nights and milkshakes.
I live for your hugs.
I love you for feeding the stinky chickens in the squishy, rainy, sloppy weather.
I love you for thinking I'm beautiful, even when I was 9 months pregnant.
My love for you has grown each time we have welcomed a new baby into our home.
Our love has seen us through the deaths of loved ones.
Our love has seen us through many happy summers full of BBQs and watermelon.
Our love has seen us through heartbreaking disappointments.
Our love has grown deeper with each passing year.
Together we have seen 9 Christmases, 9 Mother's Days, 9 4th of July's, 9 Easters, 9 Fathers Days, 9 St Patrick's Days, and 35 birthdays.
And now, 9 anniversaries.
Happy Anniversary my Lover!
Here's to another life time of memories and camping and birthdays!
I know it will only get better.


Mr Bird said...

I love you too my Sara.

Chris said...

All that love oozing all over the place is absolutely contagious!!!

The Lazy Organizer said...

Ahhhhh! You guys really like each other? I thought Sailor and I were the only ones.