Monday, February 2, 2009

We're Havin' a Heat Wave, a Tropical Heat Wave

Lara over at the Lazy Organizer is hosting a Home Tour this week for Talk about Tuesday.
Since it has been a while since I've blogged about my home I thought I would share what our yard looks like these days. If you don't live in a frozen wasteland, count your self lucky.
It is this time of year I really start to get bitter about the coldness.
I ache for spring.
I start craving comfort foods, the really fattening kinds.
I need sunshine on my skin.
You see, I was raised in California where we thought 65 degrees was bone chilling cold.
Oh, what I would give for 65 degrees.
The kids on the other hand LOVE nothing more than to go play in the snow, even for just 15 minutes, then come in for a nice warm mug of hot chocolate.
The other day it was unseasonable warm for our climate. It got up to 38 degrees, a whopping 6 degrees ABOVE freezing.
It had snowed a couple of days before and the snow was nice and soft, almost melty, perfect for making snowmen.
Doodle and Beano bundled up in their gloves and scarves and boots and coats and hats.
I swear they were dressed for winter when they went out.

I few minutes later I looked out the back yard window from my warm and toasty house to see this lovely site. They had built a cute, cute, cute mini snowman, all by them selves. They even put in the walnut eyes and donated their very own hat and scarf.

When I went out to take pictures I found them in the front yard making this gigantic thing, all by themselves.
They were too funny rolling those huge balls with all their might. It was even funnier when they tried to lift the middle ball onto the bottom one.
Finally they begged and pleaded enough and I found some gloves and helped them lift it up.
It took all three of us to lift the sucker, it was huge.
And I'm a wimp.
When it was all said and done we were sweating like it was a
bright sunny California day.
I ended up having fun, even though I totally did not wan to be outside.
They sucked me into the fun once again.
I sure do love my kids, I really think life would be boring without them.
Do you want to know how long our beautiful snowman lasted?
Less than 24 hours.
The very next morning they went out to play again and knocked the whole thing over.
They came in very pleased with them selves for making a
Snow Bench!


FowersFive said...

Looks like a fun fun time!

Lindy said...

Your kids are precious. They definitely look like they are having a great time! I don't know how you take the cold. I live in Georgia and we get a week or two every year where the high for the day is 38 degrees and people freak out about the cold then and that is our coldest weather!

Anonymous said...

Gotta laugh at your son in short sleeves. He would be perfect in Minnesota...people put on shorts when it gets above freezing.