Thursday, February 19, 2009

Taste the Rainbow

These little candy hearts are my favorite candy.
Except maybe chocolate.
I am sad they are gone until next year.
Except I'm really glad because I have no self control when these are around.
I think I ate 3 entire bags myself.
I still have a tummy ache.
Someday soon I will give up sugar for good, no looking back, like my friend Lara has done.
Someday soon, but not today.
I think of myself as a strong woman in many aspects, but I just don't know if I'm strong enough for that.
Almost, but not quite

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The Lazy Organizer said...

I like candy as much as the next person but candy hearts??? My three year old doesn't even like them!!!

I guess if you don't have a pressing need to give up sugar like I did then you probably never will. I sure have noticed a big difference in my children's behavior though. That's something to think about!