Monday, February 9, 2009

I just love it when it snows.
Sure, it's nice to look out the window and see the world around me all dusted with powdered sugar.
It's nice to have an excuse not to leave the house all day.
It's really nice to sit on the couch all wrapped in blankets reading to my kids all morning long.
But do you know what I like best?
I like it when the kids beg to go play in the snow after lunch.
I love it when I tell them they can after we clean up the house and magically there is no whining about cleaning up.
I love it that our house gets super clean in record time without fits.
You know what else I love?
I love it that Doodle and Beano can get their own snow clothes on all by them selves now.
I only have to bundle up one kid.
I love it when I can watch from my nice warm house with Baby as the kids have a ball in the freshly fallen snow.
I love that they can still play in it like it was the first snow fall of the season.
I think it's so funny that they only last 1/2 hour until they come in frozen, ready for a big mug of hot cocoa.

Technically my kids don't like hot chocolate (I know, weird, huh?), but they do LOVE hot vanilla.
And I love the heart shaped strawberry marshmallows.
How cute are those, I ask you!
How do you make them you ask?
Let me tell you, I slaved away in the kitchen the whole time they were outside just so these could be ready when they came in.
No not really, they are super easy.

Just flatten a marshmallow with a rolling pin and cut it with the smallest heart shaped cookie cutter and there you have it.

Fun and yummy heart shaped marshmallows floating and melting into a big ball of sweet gooeyness right in your very own mug of hot chocolate...

or vanilla.

Don't worry, I only ate one.

OK, two

So what if I ate half the bag!

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Shannon said...

So I just went to register for the 1/2 marathon and it's sold-out. I'm so bummed! I've been training hard already. I guess I'll get on the waiting list. I ran a 5k last Saturday and am on my 3rd week of training right now. I never thought it would sell out. I've been training during the week on the treadmill and then doing a longer run on Saturdays. I actually like running in the cold and I love being outdoors. I get so bored on the treadmill.