Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine's On Parade

I was informed today by my cute Sister-in-law that is really more like my real sister that I need to blog about my Valentine's Decor. The kids and I (OK, mostly me) have had a really fun time creating our Valentine's decorations this year. Here is a little of what we (I) created.
This old window came from my friend Calene.
I had a hard time taking a decent photo of it, the flash glared and without a flash it was the most blurry picture, even at broad day light.
I was at Calene's house one day and saw one like it in her bathroom. I asked her where she got it and she, being the sweet heart that she is, sent me home with a spare one she had in her garage.
I put different scrapbook papers in each window pane to make a cute wall hanging then hung the hooks on the front.
Actually, Mr Bird put the hooks on and hung it for me, he's handy like that.
I can change out paper for each holiday if I want, or I my just leave it how it is, since it matches my red kitchen.
Here are the deep red Valentine's Lovers Candles with a sweet pure white flower filled heart adorning our dining room table.

And you know me, I just have to have something hanging from the ceiling. The streamers are left over from our inaugural ball, I just took down the blue ones.
Then we made wax paper hearts.
You just get a long piece of waxed paper, put crayon shavings on one half, then fold the other half over the shavings.
Iron the waxed paper between two towels until the crayons melt and the wax paper seals shut.
Then trace hearts shapes (I used different sized cookie cutters) onto the wax paper and cut.
These look really cool in person, the colors are all mixed and they are really pretty when the sun shines on them.

This is one of my favorites. Anyone that comes to our house gets to pick a treat from our Sweet Heart Shoppe. You can choose from conversation hearts, red hots, a candy bracelet or a real beaded bracelet that Doodle and I made.
So come on over and have a treat, we would love any visitors we can get!

This one is super easy. I filled one of our large drinking glasses (you could use a vase of any shape) with red hots, tied a ribbon around it and put flowers in the top. It looked a lot better when I first made it, Mr Bird keeps taking the flowers out and eating the candy!
Now the roses have all come apart and are not as tight as they used to be.
I painted LOVE on the cup with craft paint and letter stamps I already have.
The great thing is that the paint will just scrape off the glass when I am done with it.

Same concept for this one, only prettier and pinker.
Conversation hearts are my favorite. I have to keep buying new bags of them to replace the ones the kids and I eat. This is my last bag, I promise.
Good thing Valentine's Day is in 3 days!
Now I just need to decide which fun Valentine's Day Goodies to make.
I'm sure you'll hear all about them when I am done!
Happy Valentine's Day
Now, go kiss your lover!


FowersFive said...

Looks so fun. Thanks for sharing!

Shirley said...

Absolutely adorable!! Those candles are lovely valentine gift for someone special!!

SWIRL said...

aw.. that is really really sweet and inspiring...
Our house is the most- UN:Valentine in the world... you've inspired me to do something.

I love the Sweet shop. that is really a cute idea!

SWIRL said...

it's the Hawaii temple...
I know.. lucky me.. (in more ways than one.)

Veggiemomof2 said...

I hate it when Valentine's Day sneaks up on me! I rarely get to decorate cuz I forget it's coming!

Way to go!