Monday, February 9, 2009

Goin' Crazy

I think I've gone around the corner to the luney bin.
Guess what I did?
I signed up to run the Ogden 1/2 Marathon.
I am way excited.
I hope I don't die. I also hope I'm not the last one to finish, which I likely will be.
I am so slow, but this will be a fun adventure.
There are a little less than 14 weeks to train, who's with me?
Sign up at this link
and download a training schedule at this link!
Come on guys, lets get running.


Shannon said...

I'm training for it too, Sara. That's good news for you. You can be assured that you won't come in last now, because I will be.

Julie said...

I don't know that I could run 3 miles right now, let alone a half marathon.

FowersFive said...

Dreamer, you really do inspire me. I read your post about the wasatch relay you did last year. Incredible! And so I am training too....just not for a HALF MARATHON! Holy Cow! That's so ambitious! My sister and I are going for a 5k. Eek!