Friday, October 17, 2008

Photo Tag

I was tagged by my good freind Sharida!This is what you do.....You go to your pictures area on your computer and pick the 4th folder and 4th picture and then explain it!This one's a little different, I like it!This is Mr Bird and his BFF Billy Packard. Mr Bird and Billy lived a block away from each other growing up and were best friends. No matter what the Packard clan tried they just could not get rid of Mr Bird, he was at their home more than he was at his own, even if Billy was not there. He really was another son to their family. It is fitting I think that it was his beautiful wife that tagged me. This photo is just as Billy and Sharida were moving in a block away from us just after they were married which was about a year after Mr Bird and I were married.
Just look at those two tinkering with the innards of computers. I have to say not much has changed. This was just the beginning of a new friendship for Sharida and I. At first I think we were forced into being friends. How could we not be? Our hubbies were BFFs and we just happened to be along for the ride. Now I can honestly say Sharida is one of my dearest friends. She is such an amazing person. She is an amazing example to me. She has been through some pretty rough times in her life but has always come out on top, in large part due to her making good choices. I was pregnant with Doodle at this time. After Doodle was born we saw a lot more of the Packards. You see, Sharida was one of those people who LOVED babies, any baby. If there was a baby within 20 feet of her she would seize the poor helpless creature in a matter of seconds. And most of the time she'd have them fast asleep within minutes.
Since Sharida and Billy did not have any babies of their own yet Sharida would make up any excuse under the sun to come over and steel my first born after she and Billy came home from work. Most of the time the break was welcome. It soon came to the point where Billy and Sharida were at our house for dinner 6 nights a week. And we went to Packards house for dinner on Sunday. We were together EVERY DAY!
Those were some good times. Eventually We moved further away and we saw them less. Then Sharida had her own babies and we saw them even less. Then Billy and Sharida moved even further away and now we see them only occasionally. I know the tag said to share the 4th photo but I want to share the 5th one as well, and since it's my blog I can pretty much do whatever I want!
So here you go Sharida, this one's for you!
Look at that blond hair.
And you really do have a big mouth!

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Sharida said...

That was a really sweet post...till the end!! Ya, me and blond DO NOT go together!! As for the big mouth, that's suppose to stay on the down low. This had to of been right when we moved in. If I remember right, I quickly changed that color. LOL Even though the embarrassment sucks, It's good to reminisce through those memories.