Friday, October 31, 2008


Here is my princess and the pea.
What you can't see in this photo is that baby Cakes has a black eye, long story.
It's getting better now but I could not help but laugh at my cute little black eyed pea!

For some reason I love Halloween.

I know, I know, everyone does, right?

I hafta say, I love it way more now than I did when I was a kid.

There is just something about being the mom and getting to play dress up with all my kids all day and then being able to go out in public looking so silly that just brings a smile to my face and a little laughter to my heart.

I love watching my kids' faces light up as they see their friends in their costumes.
I love putting curlers in Doodle's hair.
I love the smell of chili in the crock pot.
I love seeing Beano so excited about his knight costume that he kept track of all the pieces during our home school party, all by himself.
I love seeing them run down the side walk up to the next house, wondering what treat will be in store for them.
I love hearing the detailed report of exactly which type of candy that house gave them,
at every single house!
I love walking through the neighborhood and seeing all the other little monsters and chatting with my sister while the heathens gather the loot.
I love it that my 3 year old wants to be a boy lady bug and will not be talked out of it.
We'll see how that flies when he's 15!
I love watching my baby try to crawl in a pea outfit, too cute!

I love being the mom!

Dubs says in sheer astonishment, "They gave me CANDY!" after the first house.
I wonder what he was expecting.
At another house a little further down the road he says, "I got a big sucker that has GUM inside!"
A little further down the road my nephew who was going up to the doors with them told me that Dubs was saying, "More, please." at every house after they would give him a piece of candy.
Who can resist a cute little boy lady bug who says please?
We finally got him to stop saying that and to say, "Thank you" after they gave him candy.
Then a little further still the report was of Dubs saying "Can I have a Big sucker, please, the kind with gum in it!" At every house!
That sent the candy giver outers digging through their stash to pull out the last blow pop.
Then we had the conversation of
beggar can't be choosers.
As soon as we pulled out of my sister's drive way to head home Beano asks in the most serious tone, "Mom, when do we get to go trick or treating again?"

What a fun night he had! Now I just need to figure out what to so with all that junk food!

I certainly don't want to eat it and I don't want my kids to eat it all either!

Oh well, I guess just one piece can't hurt...


Shannon said...

Cute costumes Sara! Tate was a pea pod last year and it was so much fun. Maybe I should try dressing up next year with the kids. That looks like fun!

The Farmer's Wife said...

Halloween is the bomb!

(and my favorite holiday, which most church-going people give me grief about.)

But think about it:
*You get to dress-up in costumes and pretend.
*You don't have to buy a bunch of presents for a list of people.
*You aren't guilted into doing a bunch of stuff you don't want to do (like stand in line for Santa for hours).
*No crowded malls.
*No big meals to prepare.
*No over-night house guests to entertain.

Seriously...why can't more people just admit that it's the coolest holiday.

The Lazy Organizer said...

Are you kidding me? I hate Halloween! Mostly. I'm such a party pooper. At least your daughter let you do her hair!

It still cracks me up that you had a black eyed pea! That is something that will remembered in your family for generations.

earthlingorgeous said...

Ah Halloween here is just so new, and usually its a mall event or a club event trick or treating is not a thing here. Lovely costumes!

Mine is up here! Do visit if you have time.