Sunday, October 5, 2008

No Words

This is my nephew Josh and his cute Fiance, Tiffany. They are going to school in Cedar City but decided to make a trip home this week end just to see me and my kids.

Wasn't that nice?

Josh's parents live here too and I'm sure it was not sheer torture to see them, since they were here, but we all know he came to see my kids. After all, my kids are the
cutest and the funnest.
No offence Laura, Steve, Mike and Lisa. It's just one of those facts of life we have all accepted and we have moved on.
Let's take a closer look shall we?

Notice anything unusual about this photo?
Besides the fact that they are not her parents.
Besides the fact that Doodle looks exactly like a mini Mr Bird, complete with crooked smile and steel blue eyes.
I'll give you a hint, look at Doodle's teeth.
Got it?
Lots of little baby teeth that are getting too small for her ever growing mouth.
Now take a look at this picture that was taken less than 2 hours later.

That's right! Doodle lost her first top tooth!
Her tooth has been loose for a while, but just barely. The last couple of days it has gotten loser, but still not loose enough to pull out. This afternoon we were watching General Conference. Doodle was playing with her tooth as she sat next to me (more like on top of me) on the love sac.
She kept wanting me to wiggle it. Now mind you I have a weak stomach when it comes to things like this. I very gently wiggled it, making sure it would not go too far and, heaven forbid, come out in my fingers.
Then she wanted me to try to pull it out. Again, very gingerly I gave it a weak tug. Then Beano who had come over to see the excitement piped up and said with a sparkle in his eye,
"Let me try!"
I thought surely he was not strong enough to do any damage.
Boy was I wrong.
He got a good grip on that tooth and yanked with all his might. Even as Doodle was screaming he held fast to that tooth.
The next thing I know Doodle is up like a flash and running in the bathroom for a tissue. She put it to her mouth and a strange look came over her face.
She moved the tissue away from her mouth and said with a thrill in her voice, "Beano pulled my tooth out!"
Then she said, "Thanks Beano! But I'm never letting you do that AGAIN!"
Sure enough, in that bloody (*gag*) tissue was a tiny baby tooth.
Suddenly her whole babyness flashed before my eyes. I felt so sad. My Doodle is growing up. I remember when she got that cute baby tooth. It was her third to come in and now her third to come out (she has lost her 2 bottom teeth as well, her grown up teeth have already come in down there).
She just will not listen to me when I tell her to stop growing.
Doesn't she know life only gets harder? She should want to be my little girl forever.
But alas, my baby girl, my only little princess is growing and changing.
I wish I could describe how that feels.
There are just no words.

Now for your viewing pleasure, enjoy this clip of Doodle trying to learn to talk with a gap in her teeth. (Don't forget to scroll all the way down to the bottom of my blog and turn off the music so you can hear the video)
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All I want for Christmas is my "Two Front Teeff". lol Too cute!!