Saturday, October 18, 2008

More Rants

My family is killing me today. They are so funny. Today I just want to rant about funny things chez nous. As soon as the kids were awake they were all in our room asking Mr Bird if it was his day off. He said yes. Can I tell you about the celebrations they have been having every since. As soon as Mr Bird's feet hit the floor they were at it, and are at it still!
Doodle and Mr Bird have been tickling each other and wrestling most of the morning. At one point Mr Bird got Doodle in a lock and was tickling the snot out of her, literally. She was laughing so hard she could hardly speak. Through the laughter she managed to get out the words,
"I'll give you ALL my money if you stop!"
Needless to say that just fueled his fire and he went at it with new gusto.
Then he said,
"I don't want your money, I want your smiles!"
I thought, since when are we the sappy Saturday morning special cheese whiz family?
So then later Mr Bird was checking his voice mail and Doodle kept play punching him and laughing and trying to get him to play some more. He fell for it and once again shrills of laughter were heard all through the house. Doodle says,
"Dad, close your eyes for a minute."
He does and she proceeds to punch him as hard as she can in the arm.
He acts shocked and I laughed that he was gullible enough to fall for that.
Then he tells Doodle to close her eyes for a minute. She says no way and goes to run away. He taunts her and she finally says,
"OK, I'll close my eyes. There I did!"
She had literally shut them no longer than a blink.
More fits of laughter.
My silly family, I sure do love them and all of their cookyness!
Leave me alone, I can make up words on my blog if I want to!

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