Monday, October 27, 2008

One Last Fling

Have I mentioned I love food?
Oh good, I just wanted to be clear on that point.
So here is yet another one of my favorite seasonal recipes.
Although I don't really know if you can call it a recipe because I don't have exact measurements.
This is one of those things where you just dump a bunch of stuff in the bowl and it turns out fabulous. If it needs more salt, you add more. If it needs more garlic, you guessed it, grab that clove and start peeling.
It's all about how you like it!

I started by dicing very finely about 5 fresh garden tomatoes. I still had a few left on the counter that were from the garden. This is the last of them. I just had to make the last of those yummy tomatoes into something spectacular. Something I could remember and dream about all winter long and last me until next summer.
Oh lovely tomatoes, how I will miss you and long for your sweet juiciness while I gag down the bland store bough ones all winter long.
I'm sure you will all agree with me, there is just something about fresh home grown tomatoes.
You could make salsa from the ones in the store, but they lack that zing.

So back to the salsa. Next dice up some peppers of your choice. Jalapeno are nice, you can really make it as hot or as mild as you want by your pepper choice.
I diced one smallish onion and a handful of cilantro.
I also squeezed the juice from one lime. Then I add all those bright veggies to the tomatoes. I also added a couple of cloves of fresh minced garlic and salt and pepper to taste.
Give it a good stir and you are good to go.
Some people like their salsa more pureed (is that a word?) but I like mine with big chunks. I like to bite into the tomatoes and onions. Feel free to make yours as chunky or as pureed as you like!

Oh, I can die a happy death now. How I love this fresh salsa. How I will dream about the time I can make it again. Along with tomato sandwiches and BLTs and hamburgers on the grill with the perfect slice of vine ripened tomato.

See what else this fresh salsa is good for? Chicken and black bean burritos.
Oh, yum.
There are few things I love better than all this freshness.
Did I mention I love food?
Oh good, I'm glad we're clear on that!


earthlingorgeous said...

oh yum! looks like delish! Thanks for sharing this very simple salsa recipe that is tried and tested. I will have to try that sometime. Happy Tuesday!


Vanessa said...

So yummy! I'm missing fresh produce already. Luckily, it'll be back next year.

Christy said...

Wow - found you through Talk About Tuesday - this looks absolutely delicious.

Heidi Boos said...

This salsa looks so good! The brightness of the colors in the picture make it look even yummier. I'm not really a fan of tomatoes on most things (it's strange, I know), but I really love homemade salsa! Thanks for sharing your creation!

Chanelle said...

That looks so yummy! Thanks for sharing!

krisijo said...

Looks great! I love Salsa, I'm going to have to try it!