Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I am about to divulge some very sensitive information about myself.

It's something I have been trying not to blog about. I feel like there may be some of you out there that may try to use this information against me.

I shudder at the thought.

So I am going out on a limb here and trusting that none of you will ever, EVER use this information to hurt me or my kids.

There have been certain individuals, who shall not be named, in my ever so rocky childhood who have exploited this information in very, VERY bad ways.

None of you would ever do that, right?

I can trust my fellow bloggers, right?

OK, here goes.

Are you ready for this?

I have an abnormal phobia to, dare I say the word, spiders.


Do you think it's coincidence that all the creepy crawlies and, dare I say the word, spiders come out this time of year?

Every day I see at least one of these eight legged arachnids IN MY HOUSE!


Beano is my rescuer. He is always ready with a shoe or a book to hunt down the offending creature.

My phobia is paralyzing.

When one of these nasty crawlies zips across the floor at lightning speed it is my instinct to go straight into the fetal position and cry for my mommy.

Then I remember that I am the mommy and can make my little monsters do pretty much what ever I want them to and I have them kill the beast.

I am ruthless I tell you, ruthless.

No spider left behind, that's my policy.

And they are HUGE this time of year. Last week I found out why.

I always thought it was the cold weather driving them to warmer recesses for survival.

Well, that is sorta right. They are working at survival of their species. That's right, they are mating. The reason the are so blasted big this time of year is that they are with child, gestating, dare I say, pregnant.


Those little buggers are looking for somewhere cozy to lay lots of teeny tiny baby spider eggs.


I have to end this post right now. I feel like they are crawling all over me.

I can't even type about those blasted things.

So do me a favor, next time you see an eight legged fat speck running across your floor, squish it!

Do it for me!

If we all work together maybe we can annihilate their species for good!

P.S. Notice the lack of photos in the post. I did that for your own good. I am saving your retinas. Who wants to look at a photo of that anyway?


You're Welcome!

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Sharida said...

I'm with ya on this one 100%!!!!!!! I had to speed read your post it was giving me the Heebie Jeebies.

Anonymous said...

I am with you on this one too. I HATE the buggers. Unfortunately, instead of Trey getting them for me, he runs and screams too. That is so sad, but then he also laughs! I usually trap it and then went for my knight in shining armor to come and home and depose of it. That is all for me. I am done on the topic. Have a nice day.

Brittany said...

Nasty little 8 legged critters!!
If only they would stay outside where they belonged :)
hehehe--there's a kill spider on site at our house too!

Christine said...

LOL! OH GIRL! I am SO with you on this one! I have an irrational fear of spiders. I say irrational because I act completely IRRATIONALLY when I see one! I scream like a little girl and run around the house tiptoeing like a FOOL! I sent my 3 year old after one the other day because no one else was home to rescue me! *Your post is a RIOT btw lol*

Mrs. Organic said...

I have my own spider issues, I hate that they come in this time of year. I've gotten considerably braver and can kill the smaller ones. But bigger? Freak out city!

I think it stems from living in a spider-infested basement my 8th grade year. Now I'm getting the creepy-crawlies.

The Lazy Organizer said...

You're not kidding! I've seen it first hand. You are the biggest spider sissy I've ever seen! I'm glad you have your kids trained to rescue you from them. I find a vacuum to be very efficient.

I don't see too many spiders around here but we get lots of wasps in the house. Which would you rather have in your house? Wasps or spiders?

The Farmer's Wife said...

Alright, I am going to give you some top secret information. I feel good about it though...considering your circumstances.

There is a pesticide that you can find on line that is TONS better than any watered-down concoction the "bug-guy" charges you an arm and a leg for. Seriously, this stuff works on bugs that the bug guy "can't guarantee". Take it from someone living a farm culture: we KNOW what to do to handle pests or else we would be over-run.

It's called TEMPO. Google it. Buy it. It's safe AND waterproof. Everyone who I've told this to always comes back and praises me for telling them. It WILL kill all those spiders. Email me if you need more info.