Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How to Eat a Caramel Apple

Look what I made.
I have been craving them for weeks. I finally broke down and made some.
Aren't they pretty?
Don't they just scream FALL!

I have not made caramel apples for so long.

The problem is I hate eating them and getting caramel all over my face.
My teeth scrape the caramel and like 1/2 inch of the apple.
Then I am left with most of an apple I don't want to finish, and tons of sticky gooey caramel in my teeth.
Not fun
Well, no more my friends!
I found a trick that will help you eat this treat with out getting you and half the house sticky.

It's called a knife.
Most of you probably know this trick and have been using it for years.
For me, this falls under the category of things my mother never taught me.
I had to learn a lot of things on my own and sadly some things have taken me over thirty years to figure out.
Don't worry, I'm not bitter.
My mom ignored all her children, not just me.
Some of us have been in counseling for years to deal with this.
Me, I just cook and play with knives.
You pretty much just cut a square around the core of the apple.
This way you can pull the slices apart and eat the whole apple with the caramel still attached.
The kids have an easier time eating them this way too.
Some people may like to just shove the whole thing in your face and become one with the caramel.
It may be part of the experience for you to chew and gnaw on that thing until it is nothing but a nubbin on a stick. To you I say,

All I can say is, YUM!

I have really missed caramel apples. They are so pretty and fun to eat.

I am so glad they are back in my life!


Sharida said...

So Glad your caramel apples turned out so yummy! That's the best way to eat them!!

The Lazy Organizer said...

How come I never knew how to cut up an apple that way??? It is just shocking all the useful stuff I don't know. I about flipped when I found out how to cut a watermelon.