Monday, October 20, 2008

Heaven, I'm in Heaven

I am officially addicted. I'm a goner, hook, line and sinker for sour dough.
I got a starter a while ago from my good friend Fru-Girl.
She gave me basic tips on feeding the thing and how to use it. She gave me instructions on how to use it in my recipes for fluffy waffles and yummy things.
Around the same time another friend of mine, The lazy Organizer made some home made bagels with her starter and when I tasted them I was hooked, it was love at first bite. I simply had to have that recipe. Later that week she posted her recipe for those yummy bagels on her blog.
I have to admit I was really intimidated to try to use it at first. I always thought baking with natural starters was really complicated and I had no clue where to start.
So I did what any good American would do, I searched the web.
I found way too much information out there.
Finally I decided to bite the bullet and give it a try. My first attempt was pitiful. The only ones who would eat those rock hard hockey pucks were the chickens.
I waited longer and muled it over more and read more on the Internet and tried again.
Finally, Bagel success!
Guess what I found out? Baking with a natural starter really is not that complex, especially if you get a starter from some one who already has a good one that is nice and established. The older, the better. Thanks Fru-Girl!
Now the only problem is that I can't stop making them and my family can't stop eating them.
I have been having so much fun playing with my starter. Every day I experiment with a new use for the unsightly gassy stuff.
I have made pancakes, waffles, muffins, bagels. Everyday it is like a new adventure waiting to happen. Next I want to try full fledged artisan bread.
I am still working up the courage and reading tons of recipes.
If my bread turns out half as good as these delightful bagels, oh help me, I may just gain
500 pounds.


The Lazy Organizer said...

I want a la cloche for baking bread. I just have to find a place to store it first! I made bread sticks with my bagel recipe last week. I doused them with butter and sprinkled Parmesan cheese on them before I baked them but it didn't work very well. Maybe I need to put it on after.

I get sick of sour dough but luckily my kids never do. I need to make some waffles with it one of these days.

FowersFive said...

I'm excited to try the recipe! They look soooo good! Thanks for the link, my baking friend.
BTW, yesterday I made tea scones and decided to toss in some Fiber One cereal along with the frozen raspberries. It did not go well. Learn and live, right?