Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Coolest Fort Ever

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So what do you do when it is Labor Day and your daddy has the
But it's raining outside.

You drink a big mug of hot chocolate and build the mother of all forts, of course!

It has to be big enough to fill the entire living room and it must fit the entire family inside at once.

The baby will even love playing inside it!
Then you must spend the rest of the day in the fort. You must bring down every Hot Wheel in the house and look at as many books as you possibly can.
When it's bed time you must beg and plead with your parents to let you sleep in the coolest fort ever until they relent and say yes.
When your parents threaten you with going back into your own bed if you get up and play instead of going to sleep you actually listen and are asleep in less than 10 minutes!

But at 5 am you realize you are in the coolest fort ever and must wake up the others to play. Then that mean old mommy comes down to threaten you with going to your bed again (fate worse than death) and you shockingly go back to sleep for 2 1/2 more hours!
I don't think this fort is going anywhere any time soon.
Can we say school in the fort today?


The Lazy Organizer said...

How fun!!! Luckily they all went back to sleep! How long are you going to let them keep it up? I'm always the fort spoiler around here.

HDMac said...

That looks like fun!!!

Mrs. Organic said...

You need to give "fun mom" lessons, I love that they got to keep it up overnight.

Just one tall girl named Laurel said...

That DOES look like the coolest fort ever. Clearly brought to you by the coolest parents ever. What lucky kids.
Dude-- the wedding was cool. Danny, Brian, Chris, Adela and Erin were all there. Crazy blast from the past!

Sharida said...

That fort is awesome!! What a great memory to hold onto and one I'm sure the kids will treasure!!

The Archibalds said...

What a great rainy day idea! There is nothing like a good fort and you are totally daring and brave to let them sleep in it! Good for you!

Kristina said...

We love forts. Way to spend the day. Glad you had fun!!