Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Am a Mighty Oak

I am an acorn
Full of potential, in need of nourishing
With sun and soil and rain
I sprout, upward and down

I am a seedling
Surrounded by my siblings
Sending shoots and roots
I explore grow and expand

I am a sapling
Reaching for the sun
Tall, trim, flexible
I yearn for more

I am a tree
Roots diving deeper and deeper
My canopy spreads
I grow in strength and stature

I am a tree
Standing in a forest of fellows
Unique in purpose and place
I lift nests and climbers

I am an oak
Soaring above the valley
Victor over fire and flood
I breathe life to all around me
Seasoned, wise
Mostly, I raise acorns

By Oliver and Rachel DeMille
On the back cover of their book
Leadership Education
The Phases of Learning

Thanks for joining me for A Though for Thursday!

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