Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Potty Emergency

Are you a mother?
Are you a father?
Do you have any privacy at all, what so ever?
Do you have a little train of children following you every where you go?
Do they try and follow you into the bathroom?
Do they sit just on the other side of the door and wait for you to come out?
While they are there do they fight with each other just to see if they can get you to come out faster?
When was the last time you enjoyed a nice long, hot shower without monsters pressing their little lips to the crack of the bathroom door to tattle on their sibling?
Do they fight over silly things like rubber bands and safety pins just to see if they can get you to yell at them from the privacy of a nice quite shower?
Oh good, my kids don't torment me like that either.
My children are perfect, aren't yours?
Mr Bird and I have date night religiously. Every Friday night we get a sitter and fly the coop. It is my out, my contact with grown ups, my grasp at any form of adulthood I have left. It is time for Mr Bird and I to just be together. It is the time I can do my hair and put make up on and wear nicer clothes. It is time I can feel like a woman and a lover not just a mommy. Sorry if that word offends, but hey, it's true.
I'm just keeping it real.
Last night on our date night we went to my favorite Chinese restaurant in Utah. I love the ambiance, I love the aromas, I love that they use fresh local grown produce, I love the sizzling rice soup, I love every thing about that place. Last night I found something else I love about that place.
The Bathroom
In the rush to get everything ready for date night I made a mental note to go potty before we left home. I did not want to interrupt my evening with an unnecessary trip to the little girl's room. When I go to this particular restaurant I have to be in the zone. I concentrate very hard and make sure I relish every moment, every sniff of the rich air, every bite of the all too short meal, every last crumb of the fortune cookie.
As I was preparing for the night I had a list a mile long of what needed done before we could leave. Clean the family room, put clean dishes in the dish washer away, put Doodle's clean sheets back on her bed, scrub the toilets, make the children some dinner. When Mr Bird came home with the sitter I hit the door like a bee on honey, I was out of there.
Needless to say I forgot to go potty.
As Mr Bird and I were driving the twenty minutes it takes to get there I realized my foible. As soon as we entered the large beautifully carved wooden double doors I made a bee line for the potty.
As I entered le salle de bain my nostrils were pleasantly surprised by the light fragrance wafting through the air. My bathroom at home has a fragrance too, but let's just say most of the time it is not so pleasant. I went into one of the stalls and locked it behind me. I was the only one in the bathroom. It was silent. I sat on the pot and just listened to all of that silence, I soaked it all in. There was no train of kids on the other side fighting or shooting rubber bands at each other, no baby crying because I left his sight. It was clean and not because I had to scrub the toilets. I sat there longer that I needed to. I really enjoyed relieving my bladder in peace. I was shocked at how pleasant it really was, and I relished it.
Let's just say I love date night on so many different levels.


The Lazy Organizer said...

Sounds like heaven!!! I'm so happy that I have finally kicked the kids out of my bathroom. I'm loving my privacy!

Just one tall girl named Laurel said...

LOL! Sounds like you might need a sitter more often if not just for some quiet potty time! Wish I were closer! You could unload them all on aunt Laurel and pee in peace.