Saturday, August 30, 2008

Stroke of Genius

We all know I'm smart, I mean that's a given, right? Well, now I feel I've moved into a whole new category.
I solved a problem this week that I have struggled with my whole life.
The problem with boiled eggs.
The problem with boiled eggs is that you have to put them in the refrigerator if you want them to not spoil. Plus, they need to be in an egg carton in the fridge so they don't all go rolling around in there. We can not have lose rolling eggs all over the fridge, that would just be mayhem.
So how do you tell the difference between the ones that have been boiled and the ones that are still raw?
It's easy at Easter time, all the colored ones are boiled, duh!
There is nothing worse than wanting to eat a boiled egg but you mistakenly pull out a raw one.
Sticky yucky raw egg all over your fingers and probably the ground, too. GROSS!
In the past I have just tried to remember which side of the carton I placed the boiled ones.
Can we say less effective?
All together now, "Less Effective!"
I end up standing with the fridge door wide open racking my brain tyring to remember where they are, knowing I could end up with egg goo disaster.
I finally remember I left the raw ones next to the raw ground beef. So I grab one from the other side, pleased with myself for remembering correctly, for once.
I go over to the sink very pleased with myself, my taste buds all ready for the salty egg whites and delicious yellow middle.
Oh, ya, I forgot I had 7 raw eggs and the one on the end was NOT BOILED.
The drippy sticky egg goo makes me lose my appetite for boiled eggs and I go without.
Well no more, my friends.
I have come up with a solution once and for all.
You all have probably done this your whole lives, but my mother never taught me this trick, I was all on my own!
So here it is

You mark the boiled ones with a B. I used a Sharpie.
Then look at this, you can put them in the same carton with all the raw eggies you want and you can always tell the difference with just a quick glance!

How smart am I, I ask you?

Genius, I tell you, sheer genius!
P.S. See that egg on the far side of the picture? You know, the Ginormous one? Yes, I feel sorry for the chicken who laid that one too. Well, it ended up being a double yolker! First one I have ever gotten from my chickens. I did get one once that was super tiny and had no yolk at all. Weird chickens, We sure do love them though!


The Farmer's Wife said...

I just had to tell you that I LOVE your FEET picture to the left of the screen.

SO cute!

I love that you have a blog now, so that I can keep up with what's going on with you guys.

Good idea with the eggs! My mom used to put x's on the boiled eggs, so I kept doing it. The first time Ben saw them in the fridge, he thought the x meant there was something wrong with them. :-)

The Lazy Organizer said...

I must be a genius too because I mark the boiled eggs. And then I forget about them and have to throw them out because they're six months old. Do you eat your boiled eggs or use them in recipes?

We love those double yolkers. Just one more thing for the kids to fight over.

Grandma PJ said...

since I don't have my own chickens with brown eggs (drooling) I color my hard boiled eggs. My sister saw them in my fridge about a month after Easter and warned me that I should not be eating them so old. I laughed and told her that they were fresh and not from Easter. My friends at work laughed at me too when they saw me eating a pink egg. for some crazy reason one of them pictured me dipping them in little cups of coloring water! I explained I just put a couple of drops of food coloring and a glug of vinegar while they boil. Easy Peasy.