Thursday, August 7, 2008

Caged Animals

I am ready for the construction zone to leave my yard.
Wait, I don't think I said that loud enough,
I am ready for the construction zone to leave my yard.
See the color red? It symbolizes passion. That was said with all the passion and energy of soul of a cooped up mother to 4 little heathens.
Yes, you heard me, HEATHENS!!!
They are starting to act like caged animals. They pick on each other just because they don't have anything better to do.
This morning they were all in the corner for one reason or another before breakfast!
The reason could not possibly be a stressed out mommy.
Maybe I would not be so stressed if they would sleep past 6:30 at least one morning. Ask anyone who knows me, I am not a morning person.
Don't worry, this will pass. I will not hurt my children, I just need to vent. Maybe now I can put on a smile and go look at them again.
They really are cute, and they say the funniest things.
OK, I do love them, you're right!
Plus Mr Bird will be home in T-Minus 3 hours.
I'm happier already.

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Fowers Five said...

I missed you at the park on Thursday. Let your caged animals out to play!!! Just kidding. Good luck on the garage. We drove past the other day on our way somewhere. It will be great when it's done, right?