Wednesday, August 27, 2008


OK Sharida, remember taking these pictures way back when? These were taken nearly 6 years ago.
Oh me, oh my, how time flies.

That is the cutest, sweetest, softest, biggest blue eyed baby girl ever!

I loved those sweet smiles and the wobbly little legs.

Now just look at her.

She is 6 and as tall, if not taller, than most of her 8 year old friends and cousins.

She is reading well, coloring to her hearts content, loving every animal she sees, especially my sister's baby kittens and our horse and chickens.

She loves to go horse riding with her grandpa and her favorite "Dead Aunt".

She builds roads for Hot Wheels with her little brothers.

She plays games on the computer with her dad.

She takes care of her baby brother in the sweetest way.

She loves her tap dance class.

She loves to be dirty, especially while camping.

She loves to eat, all day long, every day!

She makes my bed when I'm not looking and leaves little paper hearts on my pillow.
She bathes herself and buckles her little brother into his car seat every time we get in the car.
She loves picking out books to read at the library.
She loves her home school friends and going to their book group and park days.

She is the biggest daddy's girl on the planet.

She has become very independent.

She is suddenly all grown up.

You know what else she has become?

Need I say more?
Yes, I need!
I just might strangle that precious child if she rolls her eyes at me one more time!


Sharida said...

LOL!!!!!!! That is great!! You are hilarious! ROlling the eyes...I'm famous for that one. lol I remember those pictures. I had so much fun with her as a baby. I still have several of those pics. In fact all of them and then some! I especially loved when you'd get done nursing and she'd sit up with her hair all sweaty and sticking straight up. (Don't know if you remember that). She is so BIG!! I saw her tonight when we picked up the trailer and thought the same thing. But how nice to have a little sweet mother hen. Gotta have your pros with your cons I guess. I'm pretty sure I'm in for it with Makenna.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

6. It seems to start at 6. I'm just finally getting my daughter out of it and she just turned ten. I'm trying to enjoy it because I hear it starts up again at 12. UGH!

But I love the beautiful way that you worked up to your point. Hee hee.