Monday, August 4, 2008

My Life is in Shambles

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This week the topic for Talk about Tuesday is home tours.
My post and all my pictures from my home this week are intended to make everyone else feel better about your own homes.
Trust me, you'll be content with whatever mess might be living in your home at the moment when you see my colossal mess and hear the story behind it all. Let's just say I hope to have better pictures and a conclusion to this story the first Tuesday of next month when we do our home tours again.
The good news is that we're getting a garage!!!

The bad news is that it is taking a long, long, long time! We started tearing out the cement in the existing car port 3 1/2 weeks ago. Things are just dragging. Did I mention it's taking a long time?

They had to tear out some of the cement so they could dig 4 foot deep trenches along all 3 sides of the new imaginary garage. They needed the trenches so they could pour new footings for the imaginary garage.

Did you know building had feet? I did not. It is what the foundation walls sit on. See there, you learn something new every day.

Here is the trench with the cement guy pouring the last of the footing. When it was all poured They stuck rebar in it. I did not get a picture of that. So in our yard we have huge mounds of dirt with 4 feet deep trenches right next to them which have rung after rung of rebar sticking straight up out of the ground just waiting to impale a child. So needless to say we have been playing indoors lately! Not the most child proof back yard at the moment.

Here is what is left of the little shed that was at the head of the carport, and our mounds of dirt.

Now for the kicker. When the guys came to pour the footings I was home with the kids trying my darndest to keep them entertained indoors. Doodle and Beano were in the family room in the basement playing make-up. They made up a fictional game in which Doodle was Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer and Beano was her friend mouse. I was in the office checking my email. I hear things like, "Now I wanted to ride you." "Ya, and you got on but I was so frozen from being in the North Pole too long that you kept falling off." Then in the same make believe voice I heard Beano say, "ya, then there was water coming in the wall." At that moment I thought, wow, they sure do think of some weird things when they're playing. The next thing I know Doodle is running in the office screaming, "There's water coming in the wall!" It was surreal. I thought they just wanted me to play too so I came in the family room with them. And sure enough there was water coming up the basement floor!

It turns out the guys outside had hooked their hose to our water faucet on the outside of our house to mix water with the concrete. Well, little did they (or I for that matter) know that that pipe had frozen during the winter and when they turned the water on it burst. So then we did this.

We pulled up the carpet and the carpet pad to try to dry it out. That was my feeble attempt to fix the problem. See how the carpet pad is still wet all along that wall?

Mr Bird came home that night and pulled the carpet and pad out twice as far as I did. We had fans blowing on the things to try dry them out. Good thing we live in a desert. We had to leave it that way for 3 days. Three days of no going outside, no walking on my treadmill, no watching TV, which we really don't do a lot of anyway, but it may have been nice since we were trying to stay indoors. Not to mention no playing make-up in the living room.

The living room is all put back together now, thank goodness. I even let the kids watch TV today, just because we could. They are coming tomorrow to pour the foundation walls. Then it will just be a measly 7-10 days before we can start framing. This is taking too long!Hopefully once we start building it will go pretty fast!

Wish me luck! I need to find things to do to keep me sane while I wait!


Candy Cook said...

Good luck! LOL. It sounds like a nightmare, now... but, when you have it all completed you will be so happy.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like quite the adventure. I hope you really enjoy it when it is done. You should throw a party or something.

Just one tall girl named Laurel said...

Yowza! That's some serious construction you've got on your hands! Why is it those kinds of things never move quickly or smoothly enough? It's like the unwritten law of construction that it simply can not ever be done on time or underbudget. Ah, well, have the garage will be worth it all in the end! We'll be in Stktn next weekend for Steve's wedding. I'll be sure and say hi to that lovely armpit of CA for ya! :)

PinkDaisyGirl said...

We're building our house right now and leaving the basement unfinished - we couldn't afford to finish it if we wanted to right now anyway. But it makes me think that if and when we ever decide to do it and can afford it, would we want to, because this is scary. We do at least already have the concrete poured, but we're in Michigan where pipes can freeze. Hmmm....