Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Let Them Eat Cake

It's a brand new year.
Full of hopes and dreams and possibilities.
I love the energy and endless optimism of a new year, new beginnings.
For the Weaver family it's also a time to account for the goals of last New Years.
Remember this post?
Well, shortly after I wrote this a dear friend of mine, and fellow health food addict, emailed and said her husband (who completed a 90 day water fast this year and lost 100 pounds) offered to sponsor my year of no sugar. 
Not only did he offer to pay me $100 for not eating sugar, but another $100 if the kids would join in and another $100 if Mr Bird would as well.
300 clams if the whole family would do this together.
They did add another stipulation though, no food coloring.
That one was pretty easy since we've been avoiding that for years already. Funny how most of the food coloring we got came from candy anyhow.
As soon as I proposed paying the children $25 each for a whole year without sugar they were thrilled, on board in an instant.
Mr Bird on the other hand laughed in my face and said, "not a chance!"
So there we were, the kids and I with a whole year ahead of us with no sugar or food coloring what-so-ever.
So, now is the time for reckoning.
The big question, how did we do?
My kids have totally amazed me.
Their will power was truly something to behold.
They all learned to read labels and their favorite question of the whole year was, "Does that have sugar in it?"
Samples at Costco, birthday parties, Easter egg hunts, treats in primary, parties, Valentines Day to Christmas and every single holiday in between.
They were die hard.
They fed off each other, willed each other along.
 I heard stories from their church teachers about how they would ask if the treat had sugar and then reject it if the answer was yes.
All on their own, without mom in their ear saying, "don't eat that!"
They amazed their teachers and friends and cousins and me.
I have been blown away by their commitment and I could not be more proud.
Dubs did slip up once at Easter time.
He snuck a tiny foil wrapped chocolate foot ball from an Easter egg into his pocket and ate it while no one was looking. 
Then someone smelled chocolate on his breath and his secret was out.
He and I had a long talk about how hard this is, especially when it's just right there, and especially when it's chocolate.
Turns out watching out for each other played a huge part in their success.
Another part of their success was the fact that every time one of them refused a treat with sugar in it, we would come home and make a healthy treat we could all eat, one made with a whole foods and natural sweeteners.
They became the hero when they said no because then the whole family would get to enjoy something together.
One of our favorites became a coconut oil, honey and cocoa powder concoction that tastes amazing.
Tropical chocolatey paradise on a spoon, yum-o!
As for me, sadly, I did not do as well as my kids.
I did make it all the way to June.
I was on fire.
Then, during our anniversary dinner at our favorite restaurant the waiter brought us a complimentary dessert.
We tried to tell him no, but he would not take no for an answer.
I guess I still did not have to eat it, but he caught me at a weak moment and I did eat.
After that it was all over for me.
I had messed up, no use in trying any more.
Sounds silly even as I type this.
I still did better than before, but I would eat sugar when my kids were not watching.
I became the worst closet chocoholic ever.
Shameful, I know, but they were doing so well and I did not want to derail their success.
Still, I have to be proud of the 6 months I did make it.
That was huge for me, HUGE!
I am choosing to celebrate my success rather than feel like a total loser for not being able to keep up with my kids.
I feel like now we have the keys we need to make healthy along with tasty food choices.
I still want to strive to make good choices and to inspire my kids to do the same.
Or rather, be inspired by them to continue to do better. 
And now the next big question, will we be eating sugar this year?
Well, let's just say we all stayed up until midnight and had a bowl of store bought ice cream.
So ya, occasionally we'll have a sugary treat.
I'll continue to live the lifestyle I live. 
I don't buy sugar or candy or soda.
I'll make our food with natural sweeteners. 
But if we're at a party or a celebration we will eat cake.


Calene Van Noy said...

I love it - very cute post. Just wanted to say hi = your family photos are darling.

Karen Peterson said...

I think you deserve major accolades just for trying!