Friday, January 11, 2013

Banana Milk

Do I have the perfect treat for you!
Only if you like bananas though.
I have a weird relationship with bananas.
I can not and will not peel a banana and eat it.
They make me gag.
But I LOVE banana bread and banana pancakes.
Artificial banana flavoring is probably the nastiest thing man has ever created.
Those banana Laffy Taffys? I'd rather eat dirt than one of those horrendous things.
But this banana milk is splendid, and probably the easiest thing to make.
It's perfect for a quick breakfast when nothing else sounds good to eat.
It's perfect for an afternoon snack when you know it's still 2 more hours until dinner time but you are starving right now.
It's perfect with a peanut butter and honey sandwich at lunch time.
It's really just perfect any ol' time.

Perfect Banana Milk

1 Cup milk (I use local raw milk from cows that have not been treated with antibiotics or growth hormones and are grass fed)
1 large banana
1 splash vanilla

Place all ingredients in the blender. In my Blendtec I push the whole juice button. Blend until smooth. Enjoy. I usually quadruple the recipe for my children and myself. When Mr Bird's home I make two batches.
For an extra tasty treat I peel bananas when they are getting too ripe and put them in the freezer (in gallon size freezer bags). Then when we want an all natural healthy dessert we pull out the frozen bananas and they make the best banana frosty you'll ever eat. My kids beg for these a couple times a week. And since we almost always have frozen bananas (I buy 15 pounds of bananas every week!) it's perfect! Totally guilt free and delicious!


Karen Peterson said...

That does sound yummy!

Austie Bost said...

Mmmmm. :) We call these banana smoothies. :) I like adding a jar of my mom's canned peaches to the blend, yum, yum, yum!