Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Little Excitement for These January Blues

Does anything random ever happen to you?
Whom do you tell when it does?
Your BFF? Your Neighbor? Everyone you know?
Well, this is me telling everyone I know about this random thing that happened yesterday.
The good news is that it did not happen to me, I just watched the events unfold.
 Granted, at the time I felt I was a little too close for comfort.
Then, after the ordeal passed, I had enough adrenaline to power 10 Energizer Bunnies.
I had a few errands to run after lunch.
Abby likes to practice babysitting so I've been leaving the children home alone for short periods of time if I know I'm staying near by.
They actually do really well, I could not be more pleased with my children. 
In my most humble opinion, I have some of the best kids on the planet.
While I was driving up Riverdale Road a siren caught my attention.
I looked in my rear view and saw a police SUV behind a white SUV, advancing quickly.
I did my duty and pulled over to the right side of the road until they passed.
As they passed I noticed that the white SUV was still in front of the cop.
"Pull over, DUH!!!", I was thinking to myself.
I wondered how this guy could miss the fact that the police man wanted to get past him.
The more I watched I noticed that the police car was literally inches from the SUV's bumper.
It became obvious.
This guy wasn't going to stop.
Just then the light turned red.
I few cars in font of the SUV stopped, so he did too.
I have no doubt that if those cars were not there, the SUV would have gone through the red light.
That's when all the action started.
The police officer was out of his car like a flash, guns drawn, running to the driver-side door of the SUV.
I could hardly believe my eyes.
Just then I hear more sirens, then more. 
Within seconds 3 more police vehicles had arrived on the scene.
Since the light was red, all I could do was watch this all unfold.
I prayed the biggest prayer I have ever prayed that no shots would be fired.
Nervous adrenaline, anyone?
I watched as the cop kept his weapon pointed on the perp all while he yanked him out of the SUV, slammed his face against the back of the wet glass and handcuffed him.
I have never been more grateful to see handcuffs in my life.
 It meant the danger of any stray bullets coming my way was most likely gone.
Then the light turned green.
I was sort of frozen for a moment.
Was I just supposed to keep going? Yes, that's it! Green light means GO!
Nothing left to see, just get on your way.
Sometimes it helps to listen to the voices inside your head.
I could hardly believe what I had just seen.
Had I really just witnessed a real live police chase?
 Indeed, indeed I had.
And I lived to tell about it, to boot!


Karen Peterson said...

That is so crazy. I'm glad no one had to shoot.

I saw the end of a chase once, too. The guy was driving a big truck, ran up on the curb and the police made him get out and lie on the ground in the middle of the street. Again with the guns drawn. Totally spooky.

Virginia said...

This must have been the week for crazy. At work, we looked out the window to see a policeman with his gun drawn - yelling for the man who jumped out of his car to LAY DOWN. Finally the man laid down in the snow and the policeman quickly handcuffed him. He called for backup and 5 police cars showed up. They put him in the police car backseat for about a half hour. Then they undid the handcuffs, let him get his belongings out of the car. Someone picked him up and a tow truck towed his car away. What a crazy world.