Monday, January 7, 2013

The REAL New Year's Resolution

It's January 7th, exactly one week into our New Year's resolutions.
So, how's it going for ya?
Statistically speaking, if you made a resolution to lose weight, you've probably already cheated.
You've gotten really hungry by now and you've caved to temptation at least once.
Your body thinks it's time to go into starvation mode and it's just too much to resist. 
Plus, who can blame you? Food, the wrong kind specifially, is literally everywhere, 24/7.
There's literally no escaping it.
That's precisely why I never make my New Year's resolution to go on a diet.
I do, however find a certain aspect of my health that I can improve.
I do that all the time, even in June.
It's a daily decision for me.
In case you don't know me, I'm a huge health food fiend, but I'm also a huge sugar addict.
If you live in America, most likely you're addicted to it, too.
I struggle daily, hourly, practically every minute.
I am constantly thinking about when I can get my next sugary treat.
It's time for change!
A friend of mine posted about this documentary on facebook.
I love health food documentaries.
They light a fire under me and motivate me and inspire me to do better.
Some of my favorites are Super Size Me, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, and Food, Inc.
This one is a new favorite. 
It's called Hungry For Change.
No more diets, pick one thing you can do tomorrow to improve your health, just one.
Drink 8 glasses of water, cut out white flour, eat 7 servings of veggies and fruit.
Then in a week or two pick another thing. And then keep on doing that until you are perfect.
Crowd out the old habits with new, healthier ones, one at a time.
Make it truly your lifestyle. 
Guess what? That could take quite a while.
I have been doing that for years and I'm still not perfect.
But I keep on trying again and again and again. 
You know why I love this last one so much?
It's real.
It's honest and goes down to the root causes of overeating and even why we crave and eat the foods that are so bad for us that we do.
It gives simple solutions, maybe too simple, but they're worth a try.
Many of these things I've incorporated into my life over the past 7 or 8 years. 
Many of the things I'm still working on and struggling with.
I honestly believe my lifestyle is the one and only reason I am not on heavy duty antidepressants. 
Listen to what the doctors say about it in the movie, I could not agree more considering my family history. 
So take an hour or two and relax and be prepared to be inspired.
Who's ready to be healthy and happy and literally start glowing?
Let the real change begin!

P.S. Most of the aforementioned documentaries can be found in their entirety on Netflix.

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Karen Peterson said...

You have always been a hero of mine. And this is one of the many examples of why. I'm going to try to be healthier today. And then I'll try again tomorrow.