Saturday, October 3, 2009

Family Fall Fun

Welcome October!

Yesterday we just could not stand being cooped up in these 4 walls any longer. We just had to go on an adventure.

Mr Bird took us on our favorite family drive.
Every time we have had a new baby we have come here.
When the new baby is about 2 weeks old I get restless.
I know the baby's too small to take in public, yet still I need to get out and see the sky and breath the fresh air.

Mr bird sees the restlessness in my eyes and loads me and the baby and any other children in the car and in a few short minutes we are in wonderland.
Weather it's Spring and the hill is covered in wildflowers or Summer and our toes feel wet and cool in the running stream or Autumn with the beautiful leaves changing and falling or Winter with pristine white and sliver covering the ground and sparkling in the trees, this is one of the most magical places I know.
It is one of my favorite parts of having a new baby.

This time there was no new baby, however, we were all feeling very restless.
We loaded all the kids in the car and in a few short minutes we were enjoying the wondrous colors of the fall trees.
A storm had come through a few day earlier and some of the snow mingled with the fall leaves was breathtaking.

The kids had fun eating the snow and making the first snow man of the year.
I had fun collecting unique leaves and dreaming of the fun fall crafts in my future.
We looked at the beautiful sky and soaked up the sunshine and breathed lots of fresh mountain air. When we were all frozen popsicles we all loaded back in the car and headed home.
It was such a nice distraction from our sickness.

Don't you just love this time of year!

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The Lazy Organizer said...

You got to play in the snow??? No fair! Your pictures are beautiful!