Thursday, October 15, 2009

Birthday Boy

Dear Beano,
Happy Birthday Buddy! You have got to be the cutest 6 year old on the planet. Your intense interest in Leog's lately is absolutely charming. It's as if all other toys could simply cease to exist and you'd be totally fine with that. I love how you can gather any random pieces and turn them into the coolest flying machines imaginable. I see a pile of blocks and you see a masterpiece. Your imagination has just sky rocketed. I want to tell you how special I think you are. You have the biggest blue eyes full of the promise of tomorrow and the sweet memories of yesterday. You are my hero. You are always there to defeat those nasty 8 legged home invaders and save your mommy from them. I love how helpful you are to me. I would do anything to see your smile. I love how random pictures of you mysteriously end up on my memory card when I down load the pictures (example above). I love that smiling face and your sence of adventure. I am so glad Heavely Father sent you to me. I love being your mommy. Have a terrific year my little man!
Love, Mommy


Mr Bird said...

Maybe I shouldn't tell you . .I always take those random pictures of our kids. LOL.

The Lazy Organizer said...

It's a good thing we have these brave boys to take care of us when the Daddy's are gone. Happy Birthday Boy!