Monday, October 26, 2009

Open Wide

We had our semi annual dental cleanings last week.
It's quite the ordeal. All 6 of us go in at one time.
We pretty much have the place all to ourselves.
Mr Bird comes home from work early and the Dentist stays late just for us.
Can you imagine 4 little kids in there?
It's utter chaos.
And lucky for us Dubs fell asleep in the waiting room right before it was his turn.
That made him super duper grumpy and scared.
We decided to let him watch me get my teeth cleaned just to break the ice.
I had the cutest set of big blue eyes right in my face the entire time.
It was all I could do to not laugh every time I opened my eyes.
I almost did once, then I choked on my spit and the little spinny brush jammed my gums.
It was not quite so funny after that.
But when it came his turn, again he was reluctant.
I can't say I blame him though.
Our mouths are such a personal part of us.
We use them to kiss those we love.
We use them to say I love you.
We use them to yell at someone when we're mad.
Little babies must put everything they find in the mouth, it's very tactile.
We use them to enjoy food.
And if the food is really good, we just keep putting it our mouths, it can be very pleasurable.
Dubs still sucks his finger sometimes; he uses his mouth for comfort.
So I can see why it would be a little difficult for him to let some strange lady wearing a mask put all these weird things in there.
Heck, I don't even like it and I'm not 4.
He is so brave, he finally let her clean all his shiny little teeth.
And what cute teeth they are.

Guess what, we have good news.
None of us have any cavities!
It must be all that healthy food we've been eating!

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