Monday, October 12, 2009

Be Afraid, Be VERY Afraid!

Last week when I pulled out the Halloween decor my kids found a package of glow in the dark vampire teeth in the bottom of the box that must have been in there for like, ever.
I don't remember ever buying them, I think they came with the box.
Despite their origins, the kids found them and were at once thrilled!
I think the dried green smoothie on their cheeks goes really well with their fangs.
They spent the better part of a whole afternoon playing vampire.
Then they discovered they glowed and spent the rest of the afternoon in the bathroom with the lights off.
When they stopped glowing they were very sad.
Then I explained that they need sun light to make them glow again.
They were thrilled that it actually worked.
They would go from the dark, dark bathroom to the windowsill and wait about 30 seconds, then high tail it back to the dark, dark bathroom.
I laughed at them all afternoon long. They were too funny.
Every time I looked at them in the eye they would hiss at me and bare their fangs.
Then I'd bust up in a heap of laughter as they scolded me for not acting scared.
So then I shrieked in mock fear and they were happy.
It's been nearly 2 weeks and the thrill has not worn off. Dubs still sleeps with his right by his head every night, he even tried to smuggle them into primary on Sunday.
He looked up at Mr Bird on his way into the church and smiled his big fang-y grin, just as innocent as could be.
Nice try, buddy! Maybe next week.


Emma said...

How fun. My hubby showed me how to go into the html and get rid of the underlining. Not that I'd be able to tell you how to do it :)

Karen said...

Very cute! I remember being obsessed with vampire fangs as a kid.

To get rid of the underlining, click on Edit Post and then go to Edit HTML. When you see the tag < em > and < / em > just delete those and your underlining should disappear.