Friday, October 2, 2009

Oink, Oink

Look what one of my visiting teachers brought me.
She may be having too much fun at my expense, what do you think?
Get it, Swine Flu. Swine as in piggy, Oh good, I'm glad we're on the same page.
That's OK, I guess it is pretty funny.
Jay could not stop laughing when he brought it to me (I was half delusional in my bed).

And look what we found inside when we cut into it after lunch!
She really does love me!
Triple layer chocolate cake!
We could not get enough.
I do have to say Mr Bird has been amazing this week.
He took the whole week off to help with sick kids and to take care of me.
Isn't that sweet?
He has been cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, playing with kids, taking people to the pediatrician, running to the store for things we need, reading to the kids, bathing them, putting them to bed, feeding the animals.
Really the list goes on and on
And the best part is I have not had to change one dirty diaper all week!
I really do love that man.
He is my knight in shining armour. I know that everything he has done this week has been out of love for me and the kids.
He hates cooking, yet he has not complained.
I had to laugh this morning though. He made breakfast for everyone and waited patiently while the kids ate.
Then he went up stairs to play with the kids for a while. After a while he went back to the kitchen to clean the breakfast dishes and clean the floors.
When the chore was done he came down to the office to sit and relax a little, it was quarter after 11 by then. Not 2 minutes after he sat down Doodle came in and said,
"I'm hungry! Is it lunch time yet?"
He just looked totally shocked.
What? I have to do this all over again?!?!
I just finished!
But guess what! It's never finished.
There is always another meal around the corner.
He just looked at me with disbelief in his eyes and said,
"How do you do it?!?"
Music to my ears.
It's true, taking care of 4 kids is a lot of work. Feeding them alone is a big job.
But when it's all said and done I love it.
There may be parts I dislike more than others,
like laundry, ahem,
but I really do just love being the mom.
I miss taking care of my family.
I miss school time with my kids and learning something fun and exploring different cultures.
This swine flu may have knocked me around a bit, but it has not won.
By the way, none of my home remedies has helped me to avoid infection, not even my friend the cute little clove of garlic.
Today I found out not only is my ear infected, I also have pneumonia, just like poor sad little Beano. So I finally caved and am taking antibiotics.
I just hope that means I can stop wasting time and get better and get back to doing what I love best.
Being the mom!


Emma said...

That is a great cake ;) I'm sorry to hear about all the sickness in your home right now. I hope it goes away soon! So glad Mr. Bird is taking care of you all!

The Lazy Organizer said...

Are you sure she didn't give it to you because you're fat?

Husbands just don't understand do they? Even when they get a glimpse they forget a couple days later and still have no idea what we do.