Sunday, April 5, 2009

Do you ever look around your house and think, "Where on earth did all this stuff come from?"
"I can't keep track of all my stuff"
"Why can't the kids keep all their stuff out of my nice clean living room?"
I have these thoughts all the time. We are bombarded with stuff.
Sometimes it makes me crazy.
Sometimes it makes me want to just throw it all away and just be content in my space with my family and my good food.
As you all remember our camera was involved in a fatal accident a few months ago.
We still have not replaced it.
Our alarm clock broke about 2 months ago.
Still no new alarm clock.
My bread mixer choked a month ago too.
I may never buy a new one.
Now our projector we use for watching T.V.s and movies has died and the warranty has expired.
We have decided to wait at least a year before we consider buying a new one.
We will be T.V. and movie-less for a year, at least.
And you know what, we are OK with that.
We just don't NEED all that stuff we have convinced our selves that we can't live without.
Cause guess what, we really can.
People have been around and happy for thousands of years without cameras or mixers or alarm clocks.
The sun will continue to rise and we will continue to breath without them.
I know, I get weirder by the second, don't remind me.
Watch this video, it may change the way you think about stuff too.

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The Lazy Organizer said...

Oh my goodness! Now I am just waiting for you to post about the evils of plastic!

You must have a camera though since you are still posting pictures. I bought a new food processor that I am taking back. I can't stand the thought of one more plastic appliance in my house that will eventually break and end up in the dump!