Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In Loving Memory of a Dear Friend

I have to whine for a minute.
But just for a minute and then I promise I am done...Maybe
My world as I knew it is over.
My blogosphere will never be the same.
I have had countless people tell me how much they love my posts and all the fun pictures of all the fun things we do.
Mr Bird hates it when I put all the pictures in a slide show because he likes them in the post and he likes reading the commentary about each one.
Well I hoped you enjoyed them too while you could.
Because they are all gone.
There will be no more.
I can't even bring myself to say what I did.
My stomach has a sick knot in it.
I will not sleep a wink tonight.
It started out a really good day. I did my workout, got the kids breakfast, we all got dressed and started school as usual. When school was over I made lunch and we left for a field trip to Salt Lake City and a tour of Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolate Factory.
My post is not about the candy factory today.
It was delightful. We had yummy samples and everyone was on a nice sugar high as we headed for home.
On the way home I thought, hey since we're here and don't have to be home for a while why don't we stop at the State Capital and have a look see there too.
Nothing like 2 tours in 1 day.
So we pulled up and parked. I threw baby cakes in the baby backpack and Dubs in the stroller and we were off.
As we come up the steps on the East side of the building there are these two huge Lions made of marble. I told the kids to stand next to them so I could get a picture.
I reached down into my purse to grab my trusty Cannon.
My nice, very expensive Cannon.
My sweet Cannon of love.
My Cannon that takes beautiful pictures of my babies.
My memory holder.
My photo documentor of my life and the lives of my very offspring.
My most trusted tool for my own small endeavor at family history.
I grabbed it and then the rest is a blur. I don't know what my hand caught on, but it caught.
I fumbled for the camera. Then slow motion took over.
I knew it was going to hit that marble slab what felt like a full minute before it did. I watched in vain as it hit and (*GASP*) bounced. It pains me to even write it. My heart just might break.
I did that.
It was not the three year old digging around in my purse getting into trouble.
It was not the six year old always begging to take a picture.
It was not the five year old being careless.
It was not even baby cakes.
It was all me.
So I picked it up as carefully as I could.
I tried in vain to turn it on.
The top is totally split open and I can see it's guts.
Oh, the horror!
And now it rattles. I don't think it's supposed to do that.
I took it home to Mr Bird and he handled it very well. But he did take the memory card out and put it in the garbage.
All hope is gone.
It's gone, as good as buried. I'm in mourning.
What a dark, dark day.
What is worse is that we have zero, count em, zero dollars for a new camera right now.
Say good by to birthday photos of Baby Cake's 1st (which is in 2 week, by the way) birthday and of Christmas 2008.
So the next time you see a photo of baby cakes he might be 12.
Or 60


Chanelle said...

OH, I'm so sorry! That is just awful. But, I have to say this ~ if you make every post from here on out just as interesting as this one, we might not need pictures ;) Even though I greatly enjoyed your post, I know that doesn't make you feel any better. Once again, I'm so sorry!

Shannon said...

That is such a horrible story! I am so sorry. You are a great storyteller though, if that makes you feel any better.

Sharida said...

I can imagine the horror. As if it was my beloved Nikon that I lost. However, loving it so much if this did happen (you can totally laugh at me) I have insurance on it. So if my kids, or I break it all is well. We have an old point n shoot you can borrow.

I send out my sympathy for your loss!

Bebe said...

I'm so sorry for you! A few years ago I took beautiful photos of my kids on July 4th and then lost my camera with all those smiling faces lost inside. Nothing makes a mom feel worse than losing her precious babies smiles (and the camera that takes and stores them). So sorry!

Anonymous said...

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