Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pure Joy

Bet you can't guess where we went on a field trip this week.
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, BABY!
The kids loved it. When I say the kids I include myself in that statement! We went with some friends that we used to do preschool with. Beano stood next to his buddy Trey and watched the hot donuts get flipped so the other side can have a turn in the hot fattening oil.
Every time a set would get close to the flipper those two boys got so excited. They'd jump up and down and scream"Here it comes, here comes some more! Oh! It's going to get flipped!"
As soon as they were flipped a chorus of "AAW, YESSS!!!" could be heard through out the entire store. Then they'd do a little dance. There's nothing like a preschooler wriggling his little hiney out of pure joy. Oh, so cute!
They did this about 20 times, it never got old to them.

Doodle learned how many donuts fit on a tray. The lady would pick them up two at a time and place them on her long skinny tray. She counted by twos and found that 12 fit on each and every one. Then she learned that if you have 12 of something that's a dozen. But actually, "I already knew that, mom."
Apparently she does not need me anymore because everyone knows that 6 year olds already know everything.
Dubs loved watching the big bowls of colored frosting spinning around and seeing the lady dip the donuts in and then dip them in sprinkles.
Sprinkles make everything better.

Of course the best part was the free sample.
Beano said they tasted like sweet melty sand. He has quite the way of expressing himself.
I'd say he's right on.
They are so bad, but oh, so very good!

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Sharida said...

We get in trouble living so close to Krispy Kreme! I know when the "HOT" light is on (which is when I go get my Free donut.) And we pretty much go every Monday at the end of our FHE.