Sunday, April 19, 2009

Oh Happy Day

Easter was last week and it was a year to remember.
After church we had fun in the yard.
As you can see the monkeys climbed the crab apple tree.

Dubs got bubbles from his Primary teacher. He had fun blowing them until he dropped them and they spilled down the driveway.

Then he was sad.

Do you blame him? I hate it when my bubbles get spilled.

Then we had our Easter Egg hunt. We made a lesson out of some of the objects in some of the eggs.

It was such a pretty day, we loved being out in the sunshine.

Just look at that sky.


Mr Bird's boogers are quite attractive too, don't ya think?

For the egg hunt we gave some plastic eggs to the kids and let them fill them up with things they had.

At first they were like, "We don't have anything to put in them!"

I told them they did not HAVE to fill the eggs and that we could just find the few that I had filled.

The next thing I knew they were all coming down stairs with filled Easter eggs.

They put their own coins in, small plastic toys, Doodle put in some little crafts she had made.

They even put in things they had just gotten in their Easter baskets earlier that morning.
And you know what? They had just as much fun during this Easter egg hunt that they have ever had at the ones that were nothing but candy.
They were so excited to see what was in each egg.
Beano was so excited to get Doodle's crafts, he still keeps them safe.

Look at these handsome boys.

I can't believe how grown up Doodle is getting. She is such a help to me and is so kind to her brothers.

And P.S. She is so with me on wanting another baby in our family. If she had it her way, we'd have 10 more! I don't think I'd go that far, but 1 more would be nice.

I had to snap a picture of them before they took off their Easter clothes.

Saturday we died Easter eggs with weird things.

I think they turned out really cool. There are some others I want to try next year, like red onion skins and canned beet juice.

We used turmeric for yellow and it worked really well.

See how yellow that egg is?

Most of the other colors were really soft. We had fun experimenting though, we felt like scientists.

Sunday night we went to Mr Bird's brother Mike's house for an Easter feast. We left the camera in the car the whole time, so we did not get any photos.

With our new no artificial anything diet I was really nervous about going.

I knew there would be lots of sugary, artificial food there. On the way to their house we talked to the kids about it and let them know they would have to chose what they wanted to eat.

I did not want to stand by the food table and be the food Nazi all night long, so I didn't. They went nuts.

They ate about 4 bites of dinner then they ate cup cakes and chips and cake and punch.

They ate and ate and ate.

On the way home they were all complaining about their tummy aches.

Then guess what happened sometime in the middle of the night?

You guessed it, their poor little bodies rejected all that toxic waste. Doodle and Beano puked their little guts out. Just goes to show, it really is toxic. I was so glad they made the connection between getting sick and making poor food choices.

All we can do is hope they make better choices next time!

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